Different Types of Bags That Women Need In Their Lives

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  • March 11, 2019

Ask a woman to select an item from her wardrobe that truly defines her personality. She’ll definitely say it’s her bag. A woman’s wardrobe is filled with the best collection of bags , each of which is an extension of the several role she plays . Some of them love to carry a specific design for all her events. Whereas others like to carry different types that confer to their different moods.

Private label handbags manufacturer have come up with an exclusive collection of women’s bags that are worth the bulk investment. Made with the best quality of raw material, you find an array of designs in the assemblage.

Tote bag

The humble tote bag is the most versatile among the entire range. Even though it contains only one compartment, it is actually very useful as a multi-tasker . Be it the grocery store or the university, you can carry most of the important stuff in this tote bag. The tote bags are generally available in different sorts of fabrics types. The canvas is the most popular amongst them even though jute and leather are quite favored by the young people.

The canvas material is highly durable in nature. These are re-washable which ultimately makes it easy to maintain as well.

Cross body bag

The satchel or cross body bags are perfect for daily use. These are perfect for keeping your hands free as the long straps fall free on the body and you don’t have to hold them to carry all the time. The structured and clean variants is the modern version of the satchel bag. Available in exquisite versions of leather designs, the satchel bags are super trendy and appeals the silhouette.


When it comes to clutch bags , two styles are widely preferred by the customers. The first ones are the trim and more casual versions like the small envelopes or the baguette bags. Although these may have small handles or wristlets these are still meant to be held in the hands.

The other types are more delicate in nature and smaller and are called minaudieres. These are especially meant to be worn with dresses hence perfect for prom as well.

Envelope bags

You can certainly find envelop bags in the satchels bags form as most of them are available with a chain linked strap on the sides. But the general envelop bag is meant to be held like a clutch and laced across the body. These are appropriate for used in semi-casual occasions. These actually look great with feminine clothing as well.

You can either opt for the printed versions that has created a buzz with the millennial for its versatility factor. Apart from that the monochromatic versions are easy to use as well.


Backpacks are probably the best things women can purchase for themselves. These are highly spacious and supportive. Available in many different variants, you can purchase them according to the daily needs. Be it laptop bags, hiking bags or luggage backpacks, these are made of genuine quality.

Retailers who want to include trendy women’s bags in their store an get in touch with one of the popular manufacturer. All you need to do is browse through the unique collection of wholesale diaper bags& ladies bags and select the pieces that appeals to your brands needs. After selecting the required pieces state the bulk needs to the customer care team.


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