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Looking for the Most Unique Products? Have a Look into Our Gym Bags Wholesale Assortment

Retailers and business owners often hunt for the most state- of-the-art products for their stores, and we exactly aim to cater to their exceeding demands. From the drool worthy fashion quotients to an array of useful features, our rich gym wholesale bags assortment reflects a number of qualities that will make you order them at the soonest. We have almost everything to satiate you with, from the backpack gym bags, the duffle gym bags, the tote gym bags for ladies, and much more. These come in a diverse range of colour schemes, shapes, sizes and prints that help to woo your customers easily.

Apart from being fashionable, we always make sure to prioritize on the qualities that these bags exhibit. Our state of the art product catalogue of the gym bags are produced of top-notch lightweight fabrics and raw materials blended together, making them sturdy, washable, and easy to carry. These bags have a number of pockets, sections and compartments to stash the gym essentials easily, and also attached with strong straps and handles. As a leading wholesale gym bags supplier, it is our duty to fuse fashion and functionality proportionately in the collection of gym bags.

Gym Bags for Men

For guys who wish to leave all the heavyweight lifting matters in the gym or who want to try something new other than stashing things up in the backseat of the car, we have brought an enormous assemblage of lightweight, eye-popping, wholesale men’s gym bags. From versatile pieces to multi-functional ones, we have got the very range you are looking for. Being a business owner eager to offer your fitness-freak customers a never-seen-before collection, you can place your bulk order from us by checking out the substantial catalog that shows classic training gym bags, waterproof overall gym bags, compact mesh gym bags, camo polyester gym bags, multi-compartment large men’s gym bags, and more. Bulk order now to enjoy handsome discounts!

Gym Bags for Women

Most women like to stay in shape and flaunt a beautiful figure and for that, they need an accessory that will suit their exercise regime in the gym. When you are keen to give the best buying experience to your lovely female customers then do not settle for anything less than our supreme women’s gym bags. Our awesome wholesale collection, made out of top-notch fabrics, and sporting innovative colors, patterns, and prints, can work for every schedule, taste, and lifestyle. It is time to ask the ladies to ditch their age-old, worn-out totes and opt for these bags that are the true definition of functionality with different compartments, and pockets, available in various sizes. Bulk order gym bags for women at best rates and enjoy handsome discounts!

Gym Bags with Shoe Compartment

Nothing can give us greater joy than to announce that the gym bags which have been creating a buzz worldwide is our innovative gym bags with built-in shoe compartments. Gone are those days when fitness-conscious men and women needed to carry a plastic bag separately inside the traditional duffel to keep the dirty, germ-filled sneakers inside them after a high-intensity workout or worse, needed to tie the laces to the straps, out on display to the public. Our world-class gym bags have separate shoe compartments which can easily accommodate any size of footwear. To buy these game changers at an affordable price, do not wait but bulk shop now. You can also customize them as per your business needs. Bulk order now and for any query you can always have a talk with the help team.

Gym Duffel Bags

Whether you are in search of such gym bags that will look great while commuting from home to the gym or the ones that are the best to fit in all the workout essentials, we have got you covered. By browsing through our exceptional gym duffel bag collection wholesale, you get what you need. These pieces are constructed from quality materials like leather, vinyl, nylon, polyester, etc, and they offer just the right amount of storage capacity. Requiring less maintenance, they feature adjustable straps, anti-theft pockets, and of course, shoe compartments and can be kept anywhere, from the main gym studio to the adjacent swimming pool. From sturdy brushed-off gym duffel bags to jet-black mesh gym duffel bags to compact and small gym duffel bags, our collection is something that you should not miss to add to your store. By adding such pieces in your store, you are sure to have a business boost and high profit graph.

Sustainable Gym Bags Wholesale

Thinking of procuring the ultimate stylish yet eco-friendly gym bags, you should make sure to bulk stock your store by choosing from our unusual and unending collection. Each piece, ethically and sustainably crafted out of biodegradable materials, including organic cotton, is perfectly able to house towels, workout clothing, water bottles, and more, all the while looking stunning. Available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles, they are durable with additional pockets, both at the front and back of the bags and of course, display firm carry handles, attached to the top. To make it even more profitable for you and useful for your customers, we give these bags an inner transparent pocket where any important and small items can be kept. Versatile and multi-purpose, they suit hiking and other adventure trips as well, apart from being taken just to the gym. So whether you are a business owner, retailer, private label business owner in need of bulk ordering sustainable gym bags wholesale, get in touch with Oasis Bags now!

We Are Tagged as the Most Revered Custom Wholesale Gym Bags Manufacturer

The most innovative, distinctive and affordable wholesale bags partner for the bulk buyers, Oasis Bags promises to serve the clients and bulk customers with utmost dedication. Helping them in their evolving success journey in this competitive world, we pamper them with personalized products, and this is how we have become the most revered custom wholesale bags manufacturer. Our dexterous and professional team, with the help of unmatched expertise and technical know how crafts the customized gym bags according to your creative brief and specifications. These bags might also help you to launch your own private label gym bags line. To reach worldwide, we have also the support of the strong network of distributors all over the world.

Oasis Bags has redefined itself into one of the most globally renowned and acknowledged wholesale custom bags manufacturer, based in USA that aims to help the bulk buyers with affordable range of fresh new stocks of designer bags. We have been operating in the global fashion scene for a long time, and flattering the clients with the quickest shipment of finest products, and customer friendly approach. Reputed in the marker for bringing in new and amazing products every season, we have recently introduced the magnanimous range of wholesale gym bags that exude exuberant style statements and the most useful functions, specially designed for the workout freaks. Retailers looking for something related to the fitness fashion product category must place bulk order of these utility accessories from our wholesale store.

Thus, get wholesale gym bags from us at competitive rates and update your store’s stock or collection now with no worries at all!

We also supply our high-end custom gym bags at best wholesale price in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.


  • dyeing

    Non-toxic hue is added to selective organic fabrics of bags


    Planet-friendly bags are tailored with care and precision


    Natural fibers are sewn together to sustainably craft the various bags


    Smooth edges and a flawless finish is produced


    The seamlessly finished bags are prepared for packaging


    Promising best-in-class standard of ethical bags


    Ensuring an even texture of the diverse variety of recycled bags