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We Are Proudly The Reputed Clutch Bags Manufacturer With The Richest Inventory

The retailers and business owners who are wondering how to gain more profits by increasing sales, should come to our wholesale hub and explore the rich inventory of clutch bags. With the novel embodiment of fashion through these bags, our team assures the most unique features being incorporated into the ever-expansive selection of elegant clutch bags range. From the metallic shine to the embroideries, the embellishment and sparkle to the formal stance through leather, the bulk buyers get everything that they wish to have. Be it a miscellany of colors, shapes or sizes, and materials, you get nothing but the best in our upgrade product catalog. Being a reputed and trusted wholesale clutch bags manufacturer, our aim has always been to offer a variety to the customers.

As A Revered Bulk Clutch Bags Supplier, Our Definition Of Service Lies In High-Quality Items

Bags serve the purposes of carrying important items in daily life, and keeping this in mind, we make sure to keep functionality over fashion while producing them. Hence, our team of skilled craftsmen with the help of professional designers ensure crafting the bags using superior quality and fine textured fabrics that make them durable, washable and lightweight. These spacious clutch bags come equipped with a number of compartments and sturdy buttons and zippers. As a revered bags supplier, we fuse fashion and functionality in a balanced manner.

Our Customization Solutions For Clutch Bags Are Impeccably Good

We not only manufacture and market wholesale bags through an extensive network of licensing agreements worldwide, but also make sure to gift the bulk customers customized solutions. We understand that different customers have distinct demands, and hence we make sure to take complete care of their individual requirements. Our team, through technical know-how on getting the creative brief, produces the personalized clutches accordingly with perfection and dedication. These are shipped to your doorstep to help you boost your business by even launching your own private label brand.

The bag retail stores that are looking forward to sprucing up their collections with something fresh and exotic should place bulk orders of novel products at Oasis Bags, the leading wholesale manufacturer, distributor and exporter of quality wholesale bags. We have been an international renowned bag manufacturing domain reckoned for bringing in the state of the art designer bags collections in the market. Our wholesale hub has age old experience and access to the unmatched expertise that make us work with the no-compromising attitude. We make sure to bring in newest products every now and then, and help the retailers woo their customers with something offbeat. Recently, we have launched the classy and cool assortment of clutch bags for the fashionable women, with a view to exude something more stylish through these functional accessories.

Types of Popular Clutch Bags

Clutches are one of the favorite kinds of bags for most women, and why not? After all, they are lightweight, gorgeous, and functional and they help increase one’s style quotient. No matter the age, women simply can’t do without them and Oasis Bags, understanding the growing need for a greater variety, has these clutches in its catalog.

Box Clutch Bags

Box clutches are specially constructed for women who like to maintain individuality, and who like to stand apart in the crowd. Resembling a box, it has a certain conventional touch to it. Using materials like acrylic and leather, our talented design team made these bags and used glitter to give them a shine that will help make ladies the center of attraction anywhere they go. These are quite handy and spacious and a lot of things can be carried inside them.

Envelope Pattern Clutch

This one is quite innovative in its appearance. Just like the name suggests, it looks like an envelope that has a triangle flap closure in the front. In a regular clutch, you will see zippers and pockets but this kind features a magnetic lock. If you are thinking of giving your female customers something unique, something different than the usual, then make a bulk purchase of envelope clutches. Customization as per your inputs is available on your bulk order. They go with every kind of outfit and are perfect for any kind of event.

Kiss-lock Clutch

The best choice for any woman, when it is about professional gatherings or family events is a kiss-lock clutch. This kind of clutch has a framed closure which is fastened by a kiss-lock clasp. The clutch is created in such a way that does great to highlight details like the spherical knobs that face each other for the wearer to fasten the bag. A woman always wants the best and you can give it to her in the form of this striking handbag.

Minaudiere Clutch Bags

The cute hard-cased clutch that comes without any strap or handles is a Minaudiere. Our designers have done their best to make them look pretty attractive with embellished and decorative crystals and beads. Looking at it, one might think that they are just suitable for grand occasions and events, but ladies can also take them to formal events. Our snazzy Minaudiere collection is inspired by the ‘retro metal cigarette case’ and offers enough space to carry all the essentials.

Clutch for Women

A modish accessory that complements as well as completes any dress code, enhancing the confidence of the wearer is a clutch. The assortment is huge, so whether you want something in softer tones or vibrant shades, in simple iconic designs or embellishments, in stark leather, or in velvety fabric, you will be able to find it all at Oasis Bags. It is easy to bulk up your store’s stock with the best clutches for women that are eye-grabbing.

Party Clutch Bags

Easy to carry, lightweight, and featuring one compartment, they have adequate space in them to safely carry all the valuables, from keys to cash to cards to a 6 inches smartphone. Also coming with an additional golden chain, the wearer can also carry it like a sling bag. By making them available in different shades, prints, and patterns, and doing intricate work on them, we have made sure that it becomes the ideal pick for any kind of party or get-together.

Evening Clutch

There was a time when evening clutches couldn’t hold anything more than an ID card and lipstick, but today, we have made sure that our collection not only looks fabulous and drool-worthy but they are roomy and absolute date-night-ready picks. We believe that the main function of an evening clutch is burdenless freedom and glamor. Made from premium-quality raw materials and soft buttery fabrics, they can be seen in different alluring shapes, and sizes, right from balls to fans to ruffle-trimmed bags.

Wedding Clutches

The latest flavor of the season is the splendid bridal or wedding clutches, and following the trend, we bring such a collection that is becoming the perfect replacement for flower bouquets for women who are ready to walk down the aisle and start a new phase of life. There are plenty of options, not only fit for wedding-day grace but for everyday life, that stays useful even after the big day. Whether you are looking for motley, romantic, conventional, or glamorous style, you will find our wonderful array to be limitless.

Leather Clutches

Oozing tremendous style and beauty, leather clutches are one of the most desirable and classic fashion handbags. We have constructed them in such a way that teenagers, girls in their twenties, and even mid-aged women are able to carry them with full confidence and can get an equal appreciation for their fashion sense. The reason behind the insane popularity of our leather clutches is the fact that each piece talks a great deal about sophistication, class, functionality, and elegance, and in them, women can carry other crucial items other than just cosmetics.

Fancy Clutch Purses for Ladies

At Oasis Bags, we believe that every woman wants to be praised for her beauty and more than that, for her extraordinary style sense. Our ‘fancy clutch purses for ladies’ assemblage display detailed work of threads, feathers, beads, stones, sequins, gems, prints, and patterns. Right from twist locks to magnetic locks, the locking mechanism is also very different than the usual zipper pattern and we are proud to state that our collection is both creative as well as functional.

Clutches Are a Practical Fashion Choice

The clutch collection brought by us is a practical fashion choice for today’s modern women, through which they are not only able to add to their beauty but can also utilize them fully. So, as a business owner, don’t wait but start bulk shopping from us, now. If you are updating your store’s stock with the best of clutches that would make your female customers fall in love then you know which destination to hit – it has to be Oasis Bags.

Thus, what are you waiting for? Place bulk order and get exciting offers!

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  • dyeing

    Non-toxic hue is added to selective organic fabrics of bags


    Planet-friendly bags are tailored with care and precision


    Natural fibers are sewn together to sustainably craft the various bags


    Smooth edges and a flawless finish is produced


    The seamlessly finished bags are prepared for packaging


    Promising best-in-class standard of ethical bags


    Ensuring an even texture of the diverse variety of recycled bags