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Oasis Bags has established itself as one of the top-notch bag manufacturing company & suppliers having an awesome inventory of bags that are durable, multi-functional and score high on looks! As a renowned manufacturer and supplier of bags in USA, Canada, Australia and UAE we impress clients with our wide range of products and services.

Oasis Bags is a trusted name in the manufacturing circuit of bags. Established in 2004, the company has made its presence felt over the world with finely crafted bags that fulfill both functional and fashion requirements. With services like customization and free shipment of bulk bags worldwide, the bulk bag manufacturer has gained prominence. The wide inventory includes bags for men, women, and kids, further providing an edge against the competitors. Oasis Bags is a name to reckon with if bags are the primary concern.

We design, customize, manufactur and market women’s, men’s and kids bags through an extensive network of licensing agreements worldwide.

Oasis has over 4000+ sample products and is continuously adding to their range and has over 25,000 customers located all around USA, Australia and all across the globe.

About The Bag Company

Bag Manufacturing Companies in USA

A leading name in the manufacturing circuit of bags since 2001, Oasis Bags stands out with an inventory that is impressive and vivid. The collection of the finely crafted bags gives the bag manufacturer from USA a massive boost in the circuit. The craftsmanship is truly commendable and the fabrics used to construct the bags are top quality and lend them a smooth and polished finish. Available for men, women, and children, customization of the bags are also possible with Oasis Bags. The manufacturer ships the products in bulk all over the world.

American Bag Company

Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, USA with corporate offices in Australia, UK, Canada and others countries as well.

Bag Production Company

Oasis Bags strives to make all kinds of bags and backpack easily available and holds a strong reputation in the USA market and other corners of the world!

Commercial Bags Supplier

Oasis Bags looks forward to serve to you in the best way possible.

Custom Bag Maker

Oasis Bags is a trusted name to reckon with if private label bags are the primary concern.


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