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We are the biggest manufacturer of trendy and functional gym bags in USA

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Steps for creation of sustainable bags

  • 01
    Waste Collection

    Discarded substances such as plastic bottles, fishing nets, torn clothing pieces, etc. are gathered.

  • 02

    Waste materials are melted to create eco-friendly bags.

  • 03
    Plastic chips

    Flakes are methodically processed into nylon 7 plastic chips.

  • 04
    Eco Active

    Sustainable bags are consciously woven with long-lasting organic fibers.

  • 05
    Recycled Fabric

    Repurposed products are transformed into biodegradable textile of bags without carbon pollution.

  • 06

    Chips are gradually refined to produce durable bags.

Custom Diaper Bag Manufacturer

We are the top diaper bag manufacturer with a difference.

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  • dyeing

    Non-toxic hue is added to selective organic fabrics of bags


    Planet-friendly bags are tailored with care and precision


    Natural fibers are sewn together to sustainably craft the various bags


    Smooth edges and a flawless finish is produced


    The seamlessly finished bags are prepared for packaging


    Promising best-in-class standard of ethical bags


    Ensuring an even texture of the diverse variety of recycled bags

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We’re devoted to producing and supplying a multifarious collection of cruelty-free bags of various kinds.

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Our Factory

Technology R&D

Weaving Workshop


Sewing Workshop

Hot Stamping

4 main stages involved in manufacturing sustainable bags

At Oasis Bags, we strictly follow state-of-the-art green production trends to ethically design high-quality bags. Below are the top 4 procedures described that we thoughtfully implement to manufacture fashionable bags in a guilt-free manner.

Dyeing + Printing +Finishing Process

Using non-toxic dye with the assistance of zero-carbon-emission technology, we safely print and finish the wide assortment of trendy organic bags in our extensive collection to keep the fashion-forward crowd protected and the environment cleaner.

Cutting + Sewing

Adhering to zero-waste-cutting patterns, our expert designers maintain optimum caution and accuracy for constructing eco-friendly bags with premium natural materials to make them stand out in terms of durability and functionality.

Ironing / Snipping of Thread

We carry out thorough ironing of the strong recycled fibers to bring to life voguish bags having sturdy built and a seamless surface.

Checking / Package

We conduct several quality checks to make sure that our sustainably developed bags are of superior quality to lend users maximum utility and convenience.


16+ Years


7 countries


9 countries

ship to

9 countries


10,000 +

clients serve

5000 +


100+ front end


2000+ backend

our clients

Custom Duffel Travel Bags Manufacturer

Store in bulk duffel travel bags for your store! We are the biggest manufacturer of duffel travel bags!

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Cobalt Blue Folding Travel Bags Wholesale
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Hot Pink Designer Travel Bag For Girls Wholesale
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Smart Black and Olive Travel Bags Wholesale
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High Designer Black Waist Pouch Wholesale
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Our Factories


Apparel 25%

8Health 90%

1 Energy 65%


Apparel 25%

8Health 90%

1 Energy 65%


Apparel 25%

8Health 90%

1 Energy 65%


Apparel 25%

8Health 90%

1 Energy 65%


Apparel 25%

8Health 90%

1 Energy 65%


Apparel 25%

8Health 90%

1 Energy 65%

We are one of the Biggest Wholesale Bags Manufacturers in the USA

Our journey to becoming a trusted name in the manufacturing circuit of bags has been a long one, and it has been only because of the team that we are proud to have. The super dexterous bunch of people we work with, from the professional expert designers to the qualified, marketing team, the skilled craftsmen have helped us grow as a manufacturing unit. We work with the most talented manpower and they make sure to design the most fabulous bags, in tune with the trends and highlights of the market.  As a renowned bag manufacturer of USA, it is our duty to provide the retailers and business owners with the most amazing collections of bags in bulk that can be worthy of their immediate requirements.

Why We are the Well-Known Bulk Bags supplier and Wholesaler?

Our model of doing business and the terms and policies we maintain have been imperative to our growth. We not only entice our bulk customers with stylish designer products but also make sure to assure them of the best quality items. Our team of experts curates the most superior quality and fine-textured waterproof and lightweight materials to craft the bags, and these products conform to durability. These bags have different features, while some are spacious, some have a number of pockets and sections, and some are equipped with sturdy handles and straps. Thus, we try our best to add the most beneficial features to our range of bags.

Get The Biggest Variety of Wholesale Bags With Us

In the past few years, we have earned the position of the most accomplished wholesale bag supplier and this has been possible due to our rich and exotic product inventory. Oasis Bags pampers the clients with innumerable products and we are continuously adding new pieces to our range. The unique products from our manufacturing house reflect the excellent craftsmanship that we possess, and these bags vary from stylish designer men’s and women’s bags, bags for school kids, business bags, traveling or trekking bags, shoe bags, diaper bags, sports bags, purses and wallets and much more. You will find endless options to count on, without any shortage to be disappointed about.

We Are The Well-Known Private Label Bags Manufacturer

Oasis Bags has become a name to reckon with in the global bags manufacturing industry, we have gained immense prominence by producing and marketing high-end products. Providing an edge against the competitors, we have also established ourselves as a leading private label bags manufacturer, to help the private label bag brands in their respective ventures. Our team allows customized design solutions and these are offered to the customers according to their preferred personalized requirements. So no matter what are your customized needs to give the right push to your private label bags line, we are here for you!

If you are looking for bulk bag collection, make a way to our store and enjoy a seamless and happy wholesale shopping experience! Explore our inventory and bank on the amazing products and benefits now!

How you can Become a Distributor?

What better place to sign up than with us if you want to become one of the market’s most well-known distributors? Visit our official distributorship page for a distributorship application. Fill in all of the required information, and a member of our customer service team will contact you to complete the remaining formalities.

How to Start a Handbag Business from Home?

This depends on the type of business you want to launch. Do you want to retail? Wholesale? In any case, the first step is to create your online store. There are many e-commerce solutions available now that can help you create an online store within hours; this is also affordable. If you need any help, consult or hire a developer or e-commerce specialist.

Once you have an online store, time to stock it with products. This requires you to find a good handbag manufacturer. So, spend some time finding a reliable dealer that has a handbag collection that you want to sell. Check the quality of their handbags, as well as pricing. Purchase your wholesale. Thereon, upload the images of those products on your online store and start selling.

Note that this is a very simplistic process mentioned here. There are many ways you can go about if you want to start a handbag business from home. For instance, you can launch your Amazon store. You can even try the drop-shipping model. As mentioned earlier, it all depends on the type of handbag business you want to start.

How to Startup your Own Wholesale Business?

For a wholesale business to be successful, you primarily need a good manufacturing partner. Your success depends on the quality (and price) of the manufacturer’s offerings. So, as a first step, in addition to outlining your business model and plan, find a reliable and reputed manufacturer that has a good catalog of products. Make sure the manufacturer matches your needs and plans. For instance, if you’re starting a bags wholesale business, you want to find a bags manufacturer that offers types and varieties you’re planning to sell. Once you have the right manufacturer by your side, launch your business per the requirements and regulations of the country or state you live in.

What are the Materials Used to Make Bags?

We offer a wide range of bags, targeting a diverse consumer base. Each bag type has its own distinct features and utility value. We use different types of materials for different types of bags. For instance, materials used to make a carry-on backpack would be different from those used to make a gym bag. In any case, as one of the leading wholesale bags manufacturer, we commit to use only the finest quality materials, ensuring superior end-products to the consumers. To know more about the materials used in any specific category of bags, please reach out to us.

How can you Differentiate the Quality of Oasis Bag’s Bags from Competitors’?

We use original materials in our bags, from fabric to leather to metal buckle. Moreover, we care about details just as much. In big, and little ways, our bags wholesale differs from that of competitors’ across all verticals, right from quality to precise customization to pricing.

Are your Bags Waterproof?

Select categories of our bags are waterproof. Each of our products has descriptions; you will find information there whether the bag is waterproof or not. You can also connect with us via the order form that you will find on every product page to confirm the bag’s specifications.

How to Choose the Right Travel Luggage Wholesale?

There comes many different types of travel luggage. What type you should wholesale depends on your target audience and their needs. For instance, the type of travel luggage wholesale you would buy for 20-30-year consumers would be much different than when you’re targeting 40-50-year executives. So, how you should choose the right travel luggage bag wholesale depends on whom you’re targeting and what’s their requirement.