Food-inspired Bags in Oscars 2024? Top Quirky Options to Lookout for!

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  • March 21, 2024

The cannoli-shaped crystal-covered clutch is the talk of the town and why not? The famous mermaid actress Melissa McCarthy flaunted this statement piece at the 2024 Oscars after-party. Turning heads this stunning bag hits trends like a storm.

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The Sicilian dessert, cannoli which is a deep-fried pastry dough, can be an out-of-the-box choice for a bag and maybe this is the reason why it has caught so much attention. The rhinestone-studded, glittery cannoli bag was an all-stroking, stunning piece of accessory that made its way to the headlines. These food bags are not mere accessories but also a creative piece that serves a purpose and blends into both fashion and function.

The season’s inspiration is that food-shaped bags are much in trend and therefore the fashion designers predict that this particular trend is there to stay in 2024. Carrying bags that are snack-shaped or dessert-shaped are in vogue.

Let’s Check Out Some More Fun and Fashionable Options From This Trend:

Cupcake Clutch

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These extremely cute cupcake-shaped purses or clutch can indeed be delectably fashionable. Resembling an exact cupcake with the frosting layers and the detailing of a cherry on the top, this mini bag is a burst of colors and can seriously make you crave a real cupcake for sure. This is just the right dessert accessory that can quench your hunger for fashion. For occasions like cocktail parties and dinner dates or a girly meet, such bags are ideal. These bags can be paired with light minimalist jewelries so that they can be in focus.

Pizza Slice Wristlet Bags

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This piece is right out of Fashion and an absolute favorite for all pizza lovers. The bag is a triangle-shaped one with details of the toppings in the most exact way. You can carry all your essentials in this small compact bag and B in the style trend. Capturing the essence of this comfort food the pizza slice wristlet can be a fashion statement to flaunt. The pizza slice bag has gained a lot of popularity among the millennials and the Instagram influencers. Nowadays pairing food shaped earring have also become a trend and such earring or studs will really go well with this bag.

Lollipop Sling Bags

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Lollipop-shaped colorful sling bags are one of the best additions for individuals who love to collect unique and quirky accessories. With colorful swirls, this bag comes with a round-shaped lollipop structure with a strip attached resembling the stick of the lollipop. With a proper zip, this bag can contain your essentials and also make A playful fashion statement. With a pop of color, this bright bag can make your day stand out.

Yolk Cross-body Bag

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This cross-body bag has the shape of a poached egg with a yellow yolk as a center. The bag is extremely fashionable and quirky and has a spring-summer vibe to it because of the color palette. The uneven sides of this bag give it a humorous yet clever twist and make it look more real. This bag is sure to draw a lot of attention and bring you into the limelight for sure.

Donut Sling Bags

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For all the ladies who love dessert and have a sweet tooth this doughnut-shaped bag is a must-have in their fashion closet. The bag is irresistibly cute and colorful, emanating a feminine vibe. Shaped exactly like a real doughnut the bag has frosting details and has sling change attached to it for creating a crossbody look. These doughnut-shaped bags are available in various colors like chocolate doughnut, strawberry doughnut beige caramel doughnut, and so on. Therefore, you can always be spoiled for choice and have the cute piece by your side. Accessories like finger rings or subtle jewelry can be an idea combination.

Be it the sweet or the savory you will always have a quirky bag for every mood. These bags are funky and have a different fan base altogether. Food-shaped bags have an element of art blended with imagination in the right measurement and 2024 this bag trend is and will be a massive hit. Pick your favorite from this delightful trend.

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