Exciting Easter Basket Bag Ideas for Kids

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  • March 14, 2024

One of the favorite holidays for many, right at the beginning of the year, is Easter.

Not many days are left for the day to arrive. Have you started preparing for the fun event? There is so much to do after all! From getting your place filled with Easter decorations to figuring out the Easter brunch menu to setting up some cool Easter crafts for children and above all, filling the Easter baskets with candies, sweets, and stuffed animals for the little ones. The last one is one tradition that the youngest members of the family can not do without. Moreover, they make the goodies and Easter eggs look even more attractive once inside them.

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If you want to make Easter morning more joyous and exciting for your kids, you can deck up the basket bags in cool ways for them this time, instead of going for the traditional baskets. There are many bag manufacturers these days bringing simple yet practical basket bags. Purchasing some from the nearby store and with the mentioned materials and all the given instructions in this blog, you can have your Easter basket bags in no time!

Need some ideas? Given below are the 17 most interesting Easter basket bag ideas which are not just fun but pretty easy as well. Have a look.

  1. Personalized Easter Basket Bag

With a personalized easter basket bag, you can make kids jump with happiness. If the name of your baby is long and you think it would not fit, you can just go with the initials. All you need to do is braid together three lengths of heavyweight twine or yarn by holding together the ends with a touch of hot glue. Slowly change each braid into the desired letters and cut off the excess lengths. Fold the end under and hold it in place with the help of the hot glue. Finally, glue them onto the basket bag neatly.

  1. Snow-white Bunny Easter Basket Bag

To transform a white basket bag into the sweetest bunny, all you need are a few simple craft supplies such as twine, buttons, and paper. Start with cutting bunny ears from pink and white craft papers and attach the two (one on top of another) using craft glue. With the help of hot glue, attach the ears to the inside of the basket bag. Stick two black buttons on the front as the eyes of the bunny. Use a little large pink button to create the nose and go for leather strips, thin ribbon, or pink twine for the whiskers. And, ta-da! Your bunny Easter basket bag is ready!

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  1. Fabric-wrapped Easter Basket Bag

For a simple yet eye-soothing fabric-wrapped basket bag, fasten a bright scarf or dishtowel around a conventional basket bag. Based on your basket bag’s size, just cut a large square of material. After laying the fabric diagonally, place the bag in the center. Take opposite corners and tie a knot at the top of the handles of the bag. Tuck the additional material into the basket. To secure and define the handle, tie a knot around each side of the handles of the bag with the help of the satin ribbon.

  1. ‘Fully Buttoned’ Easter Basket Bag

To turn a basic basket bag into one that is oh-so-Easter-ish, you can also deck it up with buttons. Though this one is a bit time-consuming, the satisfaction that you are going to get once it is done will be worth the effort. To make it colorful and quirky, glue on buttons of all shapes and sizes. For a full-on holiday-ready look, you can wrap a pink ribbon around the handles, making a pretty bow at the end.

  1. Trio-fabric-ruffled Easter Basket Bag

By adding a trio of fabric ruffles, you can give a plain-looking basket bag a great, visually appealing Easter look. All you need to do is neatly stitch the start of the fabric layers together and glue it to the basket bag. You can get fabric strips in different Easter special prints or you can choose eye-gripping fabric strips in your child’s favorite colors. Make sure each piece is a little larger than the other.

  1. Gingham Scraps Easter Basket Bag

To make a pretty pastel Easter basket bag, just tie scraps of gingham material to the handle of the basket. And yes, just like that, you are done! There is nothing much to do here. Leave the body of the bag as it is.

If you are not into this fabric, you can use something else as well but consider pastel hues.

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  1. Dyed Easter Basket Bag

A dip in dye can change a simple wicker basket bag into a fun Easter basket bag in an instant. Based on the look you want, you can either submerge the entire basket bag or just a part of it. Imagine your kid’ face once they get the finished basket bag with candies and sweets. You can also fill it with bunny figurines and easter decorated eggs if you want.

  1. Moss Easter Basket Bag

Green is so springy and Easter-ish. This moss Easter basket bag will look beyond pretty when you fill it with paper-embellished and twine-wrapped eggs. It can be great for the famous Easter egg-hunt game. What do you need to do to make this bag? Well, simply hot glue craft-store moss to a plain basket bag.

  1. Ducks, Lambs, and Bunnies Easter Basket Bag

Animals such as ducks, lambs, and bunnies are synonymous with the occasion. If you have great creative skills and just love art and craft, in each self-crafted wood piece, you can drill a hole and cover it with dry-erase paint. Write down the name of your kid in each and tie them to the basket bag as a tag with the help of a durable string.

  1. Patchwork Easter Basket Bag

With an embellished bow, you can enhance any simple basket bag. To create an eye-popping style, cut a length of yellow ribbon (3” wired ribbon) and next, deck it up with iron-on patches. To attach the decals, use fabric glue, including any carrots, bunnies, or flowers.

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  1. Colored and Pompom Easter Basket Bag

Do you have a beautiful hand-woven wicker basket bag? You can make it even more beautiful by painting it with Easter or spring colors like pink and green and embellishing the edge with pompom trims, using glue. Choose a coordinating color for sure.

  1. Glitzy Gold Easter Basket Bag

If your kid is a teenager and you are looking for the perfect Easter basket bag idea for them, here it is. To give a striking golden touch to a simple wicker basket bag, use metallic paint. The sparkly gold bag will make them feel like a grown-up that they often claim to be.

  1. Pretty Paper Flower Easter Basket Bag

You can liven up a plain wicker basket bag with pretty paper flowers in yellow, peach, and pink by sticking them on the handles of the bag side by side. Cover them just halfway so that kids can hold them easily.

  1. Colorful-paper-stripes-filled Easter Basket Bag

To deck up a mini basket bag, here is another affordable way. All you need are some colorful paper strips. Use them to fill the bag. The perfect finishing touch would be to fill it with decorated eggs and chocolates.

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  1. Spray-painted Easter Basket Bag

With the help of an easy solid spray paint technique, you can cover bits of the plain basket bag with sweet Easter colors. You don’t have to be particular about the shape, just blow it as you like.

  1. Beaded-egg Easter Basket Bag

On a mini basket bag, you can stick beads with the help of hot glue. Make a delicate egg on it to make the bag look more fun and interesting.

  1. Fabric-painted Recycled Mini Tote Bag

Got an old recycled mini tote bag? Thinking about how to put it to use? You can turn it into an adorable Easter bag in no time with the help of fabric paint. How about making a sleeping bunny?

Final Words

Colored and embellished— simply adorned in the prettiest ways, these fun Easter basket bag ideas will make your kids super happy. They will look even better once filled to the brim!

By the way, these basket bags are large enough to hold some unique Easter gifts as well other than just the staples.

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