The Top Handle-bags That Are Going to Rule in 2024

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  • March 4, 2024

With every new year there is some new trend as we explore the limitless possibilities in the world of fashion. However, one of the timeless classics that has maintained its position in the spotlight with its functionality and style are the handle bags. These bags being versatile and offering limitless stylish options can elevate any look in no time. The handle bag in 2024 is a trend that is taking Instagram and the Internet by storm. From college students, to budding fashionistas to the Hollywood celebrities, all has one handle bag story up their sleeves. Let’s take a sneak peek into the best top-handle bags of 2024.

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Small Flap Bag

bulk small flap bag vendor

This bag has a petite look and exudes a classic appeal being a forever piece for every woman out there. Inspired by the graphic black and white design these bags have cross-body straps and hence are versatile and can be paired with various kinds of dresses. These handbags are usually made of lambskin leather or gold-tone metal which makes it a lavish collection that must be in your accessory wardrobe.

Top Satchel Bag

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Every bag uniquely tells a tale of its owner and the top handle bag manages to tell this tale with full authority and finesse. For the lady who likes to power dress and make a statement, a black leather top satchel handle bag can make for the ultimate look. Throw in a contrast stitching detail and you have a winner that is sure to turn heads.

Envelope Bag

bulk envelop bag vendor

These bags are structured in a sports pattern having a professional style. The sleek look of the bag makes it a perfect accessory for formal events or official meetings. Some of the variants of this bag come with golden-colored slings that add a touch of elegance and amplify the bling factor. These bags are also very famous as they were spotted by models in ramp shows and also my Hollywood celebrities and ward functions.

East and West Bag

bulk east and west bags vendor

The shape of the bag is the primary you will speak as they’re shipped horizontally and stand out in the crowd. The top handle has a polished effect that adds to the silhouette of the bag. Trendy and unconventional these bags are a sure style statement that can immediately increase the fashion quotient of your entire look. Well, this is one handbag that is loved by celebrities all over.

Leather Tote Bag

wholesale leather tote bags supplier

If you are interested in the top handle bag but want to avoid this traditional structure then this slouchy leather tote bag is your go-to option. Choose the polished version of the tote bag that has the cult classic appeal and you can take it along for your day-to-day needs. A top handle leather tote bag by your side can sort you for every event and can hide all your essentials perfectly.

Mini Clutch Bag

wholesale mini clutch bag

If a more subtle look is your thing, look no further than a top handle clutch bag. With a sophisticated silhouette, this top handle clutch will make your evenings smoother and conversations livelier, as you become the center of the attention. The sleek sling in gold can absolutely floor the pedal on bling – as you pull out all stops in posing for those click happy cameras that will be around.

Taking Inspiration From Jacquemus Le Chouchou Bag

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This top handle bag has an ultimate cult appeal that has been on the top of the trends for the vibe it renders. The modern bag comes with oversized top handles and a structured flap silhouette that pairs almost perfectly with every attire you wear. You could also clip a cross-body strap along with the handle for a hands-free look. The soft leather material adds to the elegance of this bag. From Hollywood celebrities like Gigi Hadid to Kendall Jenner everyone has one such handled bag of their own. The vibrant color variants are the cutest and can spoil you for choice.

Oversized Bag

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It is 2024 and baggy pants and cargoes are back in rage. Oversized top handle bags that come in olive green, moss textures and even muted charcoals do a perfect job of accessorizing the baggy or the cargo look by adding another dimension to the otherwise basic cargoes and tees. You can go creative by contrasting with interesting sneakers to create a look that is both contemporary and relevant.

Vintage Bag

wholesale vintage bag vendor

Vintage is winning! Think geometric prints, classic buckles, 70s’ inspired rock prints, even animal prints – and throw in the top handle that makes the bag the Rockstar that never ages. The best part of this large bag, is the increased space and functional compartments which can be used for storing, organizing and even showing off stuff. Embellishments peeping out of the compartments that are personalized to your name or style can create a very unique look that is tough to imitate.

Jute Bag

jute bag manufacturer

For the more artsy in nature, woven jute bags serve both aesthetic and eco-friendly purposes. Available in earthy shades of brown and beige, these top handle bags often arrive with a minimalistic leather border that seamlessly integrates into the handle. These bags can be worn by all ages and the handle can be flaunted as well. Pairing well with slippers and flipflops they are perfect for the casual date or even the beach.

Crocodile Leather Bag

wholesale crocodile leather bags supplier

For a look that is eclectic yet not over the top, crocodile leather bags with gold accented top handle are just the thing. Favored by Hollywood movies and models, they are red carpet favorite and keep circling back in fashion. The bag is polished and pairs really well with denims and even jackets to create a very classic look.

There is a top handle bag for every mood and occasion no matter what outfit you choose. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the stylish bags and flaunt it well!

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