3 Of The Latest Handbag Trends For Women This Season?

  • Oasis_bags
  • December 11, 2018

Handbags have always been one of the favorite accessories of women around the world and everyone likes to have one that is a complete head turner in most aspects. It is a prized position for the fairer sex and even more important is to stay true to the latest trends.

In this blog, we are going to take a look at the latest hand bag trends – so that you have an easier time picking your bag of the season, made by the top private label handbag manufacturers USA!

The Wreckin’ Ball Bag

This one is literally a pocket wrecker in so many ways and a lot of people who cannot dare to be different might feel that this one is a bit out of place.

But if you ask the models on the runway, then there is no question how good this one is.

The Wreckin’ Ball hand bag is shaped like sphere and comes with plenty of space for essentials like make up and your credit cards. It comes hanging from a metal chain and you can match it with any of your sassy attires for maximum fun!

The Necklace hand bag

Want to accessorize your necklace and bag at the same time? Then try the necklace hand bag – it is small, compact, and can carry your basic needs like your mobile phone, a little make up, and some financial essentials.

You can get it in leather or fabric and any chain color you like – once you have your desired style, being a trendsetter will not be much of an issue anymore!

The Laundry Hand Bag

The top hand bag manufacturers USA are going gaga over the laundry hand bag – and rightly so. This style has a lot going for it, from ultimate style to tons of space and the colors and patterns to match, this one is a fashionista’s life saver!

Get a laundry bag for yourself for the days when you need to bring more than just a few make up items and your purse.

These are the 3 latest bag trends that you need to watch out for this season and if you do pick up any one or all of these, then rest assured that you are going to be the next fashion icon in your cycle.

So, what are you still waiting for? Get in touch with a retailer today and make sure you get the best deals on all your bag buys!

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