Stylish Duffel Travel Bags You Would Love To Bag Online

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  • March 2, 2015

Style is not a one-day act! It’s a personal element that shines through you every day, even when you are in a vacation or a weekend getaway! This is where the stylish duffel travel bags come in. Simply put, they are large and made of heavy material to withstand the rough use and are apt to carry your personal belongings. You can choose one depending on your mood or based on your overall personality.

Keeping in mind the latest style and quality requirements, manufacturers and suppliers of leather luxury bags have introduced a wholesome range of wholesale duffel bags to choose from. The types include:

Lightweight duffel’s: If travelling is a top priority for you, then a lightweight duffel can be your best friend for life. Designed using light fabrics they are comfortable to carry and you can even use them as your gym bag when you are not travelling. The modern day manufacturers and suppliers take extra care to ensure that these bags blend in style and quality.

Leather duffel: Nothing can beat the modish professional look that leather exudes. So if you want to glam up your corporate tours, this is one must-have accessory. You can choose from the various categories available for men and women or can even opt in for the unisex ones. They come in rich colors and the high leather quality offers complete value for money. Women have the fancy to tie a light scarf around the handle to give it a personal touch.

Rolling duffel: If you are agile and always on the go, then this category of duffel is the wind beneath your wings. The wheels beneath allow you to avoid the load inside the bag and walk through fast amidst a busy station or airport terminal. These bags come with top handles that makes the grip easy and firm. There are pockets outside for you to keep things like mint packs, books, music players or your flying tickets.

Expandable duffel’s: This is a shopaholic’s delight. If you have the habit of buying a memento or city specialties whilst your travel, then chances are you will need some extra space to accommodate them when you return. Bag one and keep collecting what you will.

Now that you have a fair idea about the types of stylish duffel offered by bag manufacturer in USA and suppliers, hurry and invest in bulk buying to add to your collection or rev up the stock of your retail store. Let your next travel look be a trendy one!


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