How Many Types Of Reusable Shopping Bags You Can Go For!

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  • March 4, 2015

As the world grows more and more Eco-friendly, the use of recycled materials is becoming a trend. Be it for the clothes or bags, the top-notch manufacturing companies are devoting themselves to create reusable products that will not dissipate the natural resources. Bags are one of those daily essentials that we require almost everywhere.

Whether you are going out for regular grocery shopping or for buying occasional clothes, you never forget to carry a bag, right? These also act as an accessory to enhance your style quotient. So, if you want to go green in a stylish way, then check out the different types of reusable shopping bags that you can carry with sheer panache.

Reusable Cotton Bags:

The organic material that is mostly used in making clothes and bags is none other than cotton. This crop is harvested in many places and hence, easily available. This is why; the wholesale bag suppliers are coming up with different designs of cotton bags. Unlike leather or plastic, cotton bags are recyclable and environment-friendly. Not only that, the high availability of cotton has brought down the prices of these bags. Totes, sling bags, rucksacks and what not – cotton is now being used in crafting all kinds of bags for carrying out your shopping spree.

Bags of Jute:

Needless to say that jute bags have long been in use and also considered stylish by the fashion-conscious ladies. Jute is a recyclable object that can be decomposed and returned to nature, unlike the non-biodegradable materials that remain intact and jeopardize the health of the earth. Jute is cultivated in the large portion of Asia and is quite cheaper than the other materials. If you browse into the online stores of the wholesale bag stores, you will surely find a variety of well-designed jute bags in different colors. These bags are lightweight and perfect for grocery shopping or carrying heavy goods. Jute bags last longer, if you can keep it dry and away from the watery substances.

Hemp Bags:

Hemp is a strong fiber that gives reusable bags an added strength and luster. This crop is easy to cultivate and makes sturdy bags that can be re-used for shopping which can last for many years. If blended with other materials, it can really be a stylish replacement of your expensive leather bags. The best thing about hemp is that, you can wash it and dry, unlike the jute bags.

Recyclable Paper Bags:

A wide range of vivaciously colorful paper bags are now trending in the market of shopping bags. Usually used for carrying lightweight goods, these bags exude great style and cuteness. These are one of the trendiest shopping bag manufacturers which almost everyone carries in shopping plazas.

Choose your shopping bag depending on the weight you are about to carry. Mostly, all of them are capable of bearing heavyweight, except the paper bags. So, just peep into the galleries of the web stores and pick as you wish in tune with your preference and budget.


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