Find the Perfect Luggage Bag Suiting Your Travel Type

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  • December 11, 2015

Travelling today is not only for pleasure but also for job. There are several people nowadays whose profession make them travel all over the nation or even world round the year. These people always on their toes need their luggage to be handy and most importantly sturdy. And if you are one of the on the tour persons then the sleeping bags and the duffle bags are of your kind.

Carrying a Sleeping Bag


Are you a trek freak? Do you love hiking, camping? Or are you one of the proud soldiers of your country who might has to spend the night literally anywhere? Then the sleeping bags will be your most trusted partner. These synthetic lightweight quilts are water resistant, have cushioning at the bottom and keep you warm inside it. The wholesale sleeping bags suppliers by mapping different insulation weights concentrate the warmth around where you lay your feet and the core. The sleeping bag shapes are termed as mummy-cut that has a tailored hood so that your sleep time gets comfortable.

The Duffle bag Story


You might not need a sleeping bag unless you are a trekking person or a militant, but the duffle bags are essential for the regular travellers. Duffle bags are quite spacious and have more than one compartment to stuff in all that you need in travel. There are several wholesale duffle bags available in the market in different shades and sizes. Even, there are separate categories for ladies as well with chic designs and feminine colours.

But the one that is worth mention is the army duffle bag. More than five chain compartments and pockets, this bag in army print has straps, in case you need to carry it on your back. With the rough and tough look, the army duffle bag comes on wheels. So just roll over the world, hassle free.

For the Bag Shop Owners

For the people who are in the trade of distributing or selling luggage bags it’s important to understand the customer’s need first. Business tours, vacations, trekking every type of travel has its own requirements. And unless you are aware of the bag types and its purposes in detail it will be difficult for you to cater to your buyers’ needs. Your store must have a catalogue of all the luggage types, its features and prices. Most of the luggage carriers are expensive. So get familiar with all the market availabilities, compare the costs and offer your clients the nicest travelling experience of their lives.

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