Wholesale Bags Which Retailers In USA Must Have As Gift Items

  • Oasis_bags
  • February 9, 2016

Tired of gifting the same old usual stuff ? Come out of the drab and banal gift items and turn your eyes towards the range of exclusive bags for women in the market. Dressing for a women is never fully complete without a bag with each outfit demanding a different one . It is a combination of fashion and necessity. Keeping this in mind, bags can act as excellent gift items for women in affordable rates. The retailers are banking on bag wholesale USA companies to spruce up their stocks in terms of gift items for women.

Following are the recent trends of bags with which ladies are sure to fall in love :


From box to envelop to the simple ones, a clutch always looks elegant. Leather clutches in bold colours with golden or silver lining outshines one’s persona. Whereas a silver, golden or glossy black clutch is exquisite in look. Few clutches have metallic sling for one’s own convenience. These shimmering ones look splendid with gowns, dresses or sarees. The normal leather ones with bows and lining look cool with casual wears. Make your girlfriend look ravishing by gifting her one of these.

Wallets and purses

Wallets and purses look cool and funky . Gift her a wallet or a purse which looks sophisticated and smart at the same time. They can be taken with any outfit and looks good in various colors. You can also go for classic leather wallets with card holding facility. Today purses come in monochromes with metallic glossy finishes and also in animal prints or abstract patterns.

Hand bags

Ladies hand bags play a pivotal role in a woman’s life. From being stylish to spacious, these go well with any clothing type. From big and durable shoulder bags to stylish tote bags, these can add perfect panache to someone’s looks. Also, the two in ones which can be used as both sling and tote are great gift items. From shiny colors and patterns or embellishments to vintage leathers, these serve all purposes well.

Cosmetic bags and pouches

Cosmetic bags and pouches are serve as great gift items for girls who travel a lot. These help to keep your little stuffs and cosmetics in an organized way. From leather to metallic finishes, they come in both classic and modern designs .Glossy zippers and small belt ass an extra oomph to the look.


Wholesale backpacks are creating a stir in the market today. Carrying a lot of merits , these are excellent gift items. With sturdy back strap, enough space and more than one zipper, these items are good for travelling or hiking. With the ability to keep your belongings in a proper manner, they are quit durable and also washable. Backpacks come in exciting girly colours like neon, pinks, oranges, reds and floral or abstract vibrant patterns for girls.

Bag wholesale USA companies are delivering a wide range of ladies bags in variety of styles and designs , which you can gift to your loved ones without digging a hole in your pocket.

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