How to Choose the Most Appropriate Laptop Bag

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  • January 3, 2022

When it comes to laptop bags, like with any other computer gear, one is spoiled with a choice: When it comes to design, size, and features, there is a wealth of alternatives available, ranging from colorful backpacks and canvas messenger bags to leather briefcases. Even if you limit your search to laptop backpacks, you’ll still need to choose a capacity, material, design, and color, as well as features like RFID blocking and solar power. However, the bag in which you carry your gadgets should be a tool and a resource: important, crucial, and yet mainly functional without your having to think about it or mess with it much. And, just like when searching for a laptop, one of the first things to consider is what specifications you’re looking for.

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What is your Financial Situation?

Price is one of the first and most evident factors that will influence your selection. Expect to pay at least $70 to $80 for a well-made bag with a laptop portion and some back cushioning; $150 to $200 will bring you much more options in terms of shapes, colors, and extra features like sternum straps and external water bottle pockets. If you’re ready to invest, want a certain feature, or prefer a high-end brand, plan to pay between $250 and $325.

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Whatever the case, the objective should be to spend your money on something that will meet your needs and endure a long time. While you can acquire a bag for less than $80, it’s unlikely to have the high-quality zipper hardware or reinforced stitching seen on more durable options. Anything between $120 to $275 should put you in the sweet spot: sturdy materials and long-lasting construction, with a fair selection of professional styles and device-specific functionality.

Bags in this price range frequently go on sale, especially if they’re not a signature model, so sign up for bag company emails if you’ve had your eye on something that’s just out of your price range. If you’re looking at a bag that costs more than $400, you’re probably looking at a designer collection, a high-grade material, or a reputation for superb craftsmanship. There’s nothing wrong with spending more than $400 on your purchase — higher-end laptop bags suppliers create fantastic backpacks and messengers, so if you’ve got the money, there are worse ways to spend it. It’s just needless to pay more than $200 for a laptop bag.

What Size and Style do you Prefer?

The dimensions for bag sizes are often stated in liters. For example, a conventional backpack with one large compartment, two smaller zipped pouches, and a 31L capacity that comfortably holds a laptop and three to four thick textbooks. Meanwhile, one of our primary bags has a smaller 20L size but perfectly accommodates both our normal work commute and weekend getaways.

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Something in the 20L–40L range will almost definitely suffice for day-to-day use. Under 20L and you’re looking at a smaller profile bag that looks professional but won’t have much room for anything other than your basics; above 40L and you’re either a bike messenger and rocking something or you’re significantly over packing. Just as every surface has a propensity to get crowded, every bag eventually becomes stuffed.

When it comes to style, your selections are limited to one of five alternatives: tote, briefcase, messenger, roll-top backpack, or zipped backpack.

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Though you may come across anything that appears to be a combination of two types, the vast majority of what is available will fit into one of those categories. Zippered backpacks are certainly something you’ve seen before. The benefits of this shape include easy access to compartments (the lower the zipper descends, the more “open” the bag becomes), weight distribution provided by the shoulder straps, and adaptability. To that end, zipped backpacks are easily adaptable for trips to the supermarket or the gym, weekend vacations, or outdoor pursuits. The disadvantages are largely due to the style, which is more informal. A lack of waterproofing is also a possible concern, since zippers can let moisture inside the garment.

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Because of its top-only access, roll-top backpacks are sometimes known as barrel bags. These types include a top flap that may be rolled and/or buckled to tightly enclose the compartment, and they are often waterproof as a result. One of the benefits of roll tops is the ability to unroll and enlarge the main compartment, as well as more formal fashions, superior features for people who commute on two wheels, and more. The primary disadvantages are that the roll-top access can be difficult for some individuals to use (particularly if what you need has moved to the bottom of the bag), and the use of Velcro rather than zippers means that accessing the bag can be rather noisy.

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