The Guide to Easy Luggage Carrying For All Your Next Trips

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  • March 17, 2018

Luggage is an integral part of traveling, no matter how bohemian you are on your travels. Even the bare minimum clothes and accessories need proper organization and this luggage guide will ensure that your bags aren’t a hindrance during your excursions of wanderlust.

This blog is going to help you decide what kind of bags to take for different trips and durations. That way, you will always have to carry optimum luggage and don’t need to feel disappointed at the end of the day that you carried too much.

Let’s take a look:

Duffle bags for weekends

The policy to follow is to make everyone carry their own luggage in small personal duffle bags. That way, no one needs to keep dragging one huge bag for 2 or 3 days.

Another thing to keep in mind is not carry a lot of luggage because of your anxiety that it won’t be enough.

Small Trolleys for week long trips

Planning a 5 to 7 days trip? Loads to add to your itineraries and very little time to think about luggage?

That’s what small trolleys or luggage bags are for. They are solid, and offer plenty of space to cram in all your daily requirements, including toiletries. Also, do not let their lightweight body fool you. These are as durable as they come and will hold strong even if they are trampled upon, keeping all your belongings safe!

Adventure Travelers

For solo and adventure travelers, things get a bit high-octane. Made to venture on the road less taken, they need their gear with them. And by gear, they don’t mean clothes.

Everything from snack bars, protein bars, instant noodles, water, first aid, and basic safety gear can be found in the bags of these gypsies. Well, most of the contents depend on their trip duration and intensity.

However, their best bet is always rucksacks and travel backpacks that are compact, easily accessible, waterproof, and made from highly durable material. These bags can be literally stuffed with anything and are really much easier to carry on a less travelled path.

For the minimalist

Some amongst us are blessed with the love and desire for minimalism. They don’t believe in carrying much and it’s all about the experience of the journey rather than the luxury of it. For them, there anything goes.

Often their gym bags make a transformation into being their luggage bag as well; at other times it is their business suitcase.

These blessed people are more of an example to everyone else and telling them how to pack luggage and what to bag to choose is quite redundant. They play the game with hacks and cheat codes and the rest can only aspire.

Now, if you have an idea of what you will need on your next trip for optimal traveling experience, then pick up from your retailer who has been stacking it up from wholesale bags manufacturer enterprises in the US.


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