Cleaning the Inside of Your Handbag in Just 4 Simple Steps

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  • July 31, 2023

An awesome handbag from a reliable handbag manufacturer is much more than just a finishing touch to your outfit, it helps you to keep everything within reach. However, if you are the type who needs to use a handbag every day, then it is likely that you don’t find the time to give it a proper cleaning, especially the inside. And, if you feel like “No matter what I do, the bag doesn’t seem to be as clean as it should be” then here are some easy handbag cleaning steps that you need to follow:

STEP #1: Organize The Things

Start with taking out all the contents, sorting them, and throwing out any rubbish. Shake out loose debris and sponge down vital items that need to go back inside your bag. This is also the ideal time to decide what you really need. Throw away unnecessary things like that 2-day stale emergency sandwich, receipts of cafes and malls, etc. Why waste valuable space which can be used for other essential things?

STEP #2: Gently Clean The Lining

If possible, pull the fabric lining out and wipe it with a damp sponge that has been dipped in soapy warm water. If the lining is of leather, then be careful and don’t get it too wet as this can make it brittle.

STEP #3: Tackling The Different Stains

Does your handbag often have stains from pen, foundation, and lipstick? Given below are some suggestions on how to tackle them:

  • Pen

Apply methylated spirits with the help of a cotton bud on the stained area. Do not over-wet it. Dab the stain lightly and blot firmly with a white paper towel moving to a clean area of towel and pad frequently.

  • Foundation

With a kitchen towel, clean the foundation stains as much as possible. Make sure NOT TO WET IT as it will just spread instead of getting cleaned.

  • Lipstick

Use little liquid detergent if you get small lipstick stains often. However, if they are bigger then switch to a good stain remover.

STEP #4: Wrap It Up

Your major concern should be drying the lining quickly so that it does not get a musty smell. Instead of air-drying it, with the lining turned out, you can drape the bag over a radiator and put it inside an airing cupboard overnight. You can use the hair dryer for greater speedy drying.

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