All You Need To Know About The Tote Shopping Bags

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  • April 13, 2020

There are so many different types of shopping bags that you can choose from. Ideally retailer’s customers who want to make profits and promote eco-consciousness to opt for shopping bags that are made of natural materials.

Tote bags are one of the portable and spacious shopping bags that is liked by many. You can even find at the shopping bags wholesale collection of one of the popular manufacturers. Hence, read on to know more about the different types of shopping bags available at the bulk store.


Most people associate the word canvas with art, but this material can also be used in making tote bags. Canvas has a sturdy design, and its durability is perfect for holding heavy items like cans or books. Large spacious canvas tote bags are often used for farmers market. In fact some of the shops distribute canvas tote bags as a promotional material as well.


Cotton tote bags makes for a great lightweight variant that is easy to wash and maintain. These are not too sturdy hence good for running quick errands to the grocery store or simply packing dry and dirty clothes during a trip.


If you’re going for some rustic and earthy charm, look no further! Jute is a natural fiber made from a jute plant. These are super budget-friendly, stylish and unique. You can use jute bags for camping trips, hiking, etc.

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Polyester tote bags can lug around a ton of different items because of its ability to adapt to different shapes and weights. These bags can retain color as well. Hence, no matter how many times you clean it, the surface color and design won’t fade at all.


As one of the most accessible plastics in the world, polypropylene fits even the tightest budget. Its water-resistant properties also make it the perfect tote for items prone to spilling. However, this is not sustainable hence you can either mix up the raw materials with natural fibers to create a better eco-friendly variant or offer the cheap plastic versions.

The biggest differences between the materials are their weight, durability, and price. In fact one of the wholesale bag suppliers have come up with a range of trendy shopping bags for retail customers. Browse through the catalog and select the pieces that you wish to include in your collection. Make sure to drop a mail to the help team stating your bulk clothing requirements.

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