5 handbags styling secrets that celebrities know and you must know now!

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  • April 29, 2016

Have you ever seen someone in casual sundress carrying a classic black leather satchel and you thought to yourself “It’s clearly a mismatch but does she pull that off?” Well, rule-wise the choice of wear and handbag is not a perfect pair-up. But the reason why these people can pull off a perfect look is because they know some secrets; secrets that even the celebrities know but not you; not yet at least!

So here are the 5 secrets that you should know to pull off that stylish look with your handbags-

1. Be considerate of your size

If you’re well rounded with big hips, stick with small handbags that has short strap, preferably that reaches your waistline. If you’re skinny go with varieties that have long straps so that the handbag sits on your hips.

2. Shape is also important

Your own shape, as well as handbag’s both plays an important role as to how well they get along with each other. The simple tip is to choose a handbag whose shape is just opposite of yours. If you’re stick-thin, go with bigger bags and vice versa. With top bag manufacturers and small businesses offering so many amazing varieties, this is not a tough task really.

3. Match your overall wears

If you’re wearing a casual wear, avoid the classic looking purses. The basic idea is you pick a handbag that complements and enhance your overall outfits.

4. There are no golden rules

Whatever tips you read above are by no means any golden rule. You can make your own rules. After all why do you think a celebrity comes out every once in a while on red carpet in formal gown but with hipster print handbag and look pretty amazing? Because they are making their own rules and they are… (read the next point)

5. Confidence is the key

Confidence is everything in how well you pull off your overall look. That’s what models and celebrities do. So whatever handbag you’re carrying and whatever wear you’re clad in, regardless how weird the combination you think might look like, if you’re confident enough, people will appreciate your fashion sense.
Keep these 5 things in mind the next time you’re confused about your handbag, outfit and overall appearance.

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