Types of bags your little girl must possess ,crafted by a leading bag manufacturer

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  • April 23, 2016

Girls love bags, be it the teens, grown up adults or the kids. Getting exposed to the trends and highlights of the global fashion scene through celebs and animated movies, little girls are constantly getting inspired to look like their favorite on-screen character and with this comes their fetish for the fashionable and trendy clothes and accessories, especially bags. Not just the regular school bag, these angels desire to imitate their mothers with chic and stylish bags wherever they go . This is the reason why a bag manufacturer USA wholesale company crafts a wide array of cute and adorable bags exclusively for the little ones , in a variety of colors, styles, fabrics, cuts , shapes and patterns. Be it the regular backpack or the mod handbag, you will find no shortage in the options they are available at the retail stores.

Following are few types of bags for your kid’s wardrobe:

• A peppy trunki suitcase

Got famous following the UK television series Dragon’s Den back in 2006, Trunki suitcases are best ride-on-cases for the munchkins, and come with a rectangular shape. For her trips with family or school picnics, these can be the best options if you can find something in adorable Hello kitty pattern which will entice your baby easily with its lively appeal.

• Multifunctional funky luggagescooter

The luggage scooters became very renowned form the television series and movies for the kids and owing to their playful stance, these luggage bags are highly in craze in the market today . They are multifunctional as they are not just trolley bags, they have scooter and Bluetooth enabled speakers attached, which will definitely make them you baby girl’s favourite. Go for something adorned with zesty prints and motifs of animated characters.

• Soothing and simple barrel bag

For her swimming or dance classes, to carry extra clothes, and water bottles, settle down for a simple yet functional barrel bag which is easy to carry and lightweight to hold. With two handles, one small and one long , and adjustable straps, a barrel bag is very spacious and can be stuffed with a number of belongings. Keep it simple owing to the regular usage, and tiny motifs in pink can be a good option.

• A little tote handbag

For outings with family to the mall or for movie and shopping, she would definitely ask to look a bit grown up! Woo her with a glossy tote handbag in medium size , adorned with preppy patterns and photographic representations or something related to the aura of a princess, in contrasting shades of pink and black or blue.

• Superpower sling bag

For her birthday party invitations, dress her up with the right head turning quotient not just in some fashionable clothes, but also with a trendy bag. A sling bag will be perfect which she can take on one shoulder or cross it aorund the chest. Pick up a miniature size which would be adorned with the design of her favourite superpower, be it the power puff girls or spider man! These sling bags have a number of pockets and most importantly they have detachable straps, making them easy to carry.

• Disney school bag

Last but not the least, the wide range of Disney school bags produced by manufacturers get a special attention. Bank on one of them to make her school days brighter !

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