The 5 Most Common Yet Super Awesome Bag Materials

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  • December 13, 2021

The materials are fundamental when it comes to bags. Most elegantly designed silhouette will fall short if crafted with the wrong textures and the most beautiful design will crumple if forged from cheap polyester. As different kinds of bag materials are foundational for an array of styles, being familiar with options is essential.

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Given below is a list of most common bag materials.

Sophisticated and Classy Leather

Leather is a highly sought after and dependable material that bags can be made from. Known for being durable, sturdy, soft to the touch and easy to style with a number of different colors, this versatile style is made from the tanned hides of skinned animals. As it should be, leather tends to be expensive, given the environmental costs of producing the material. For high fashion bags it’s a typical material and is often used with minimal flair or decor as the material stands alone quite beautifully.

Sturdy and Versatile Mesh

Mesh is made from a woven or pattern knit of knotted materials that leave open spaced holes between fabrics. It can be made from interlocking chainmail links and from a myriad of textures such as nylon fabrics, cotton. Over qualities like sturdiness or softness it’s a material that emphasizes a pronounced style. This web-like material is a great choice for exercise bags, stylish beach bags and shopping bags.

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Canvas, the Perfect Choice for Daily Use

Not really a particular raw fabric but canvas is actually a type of knit. It is most commonly made from linen or cotton, patterned in a plain-woven style. It’s flexible, waterproof and highly durable. Canvas is just the perfect choice for those who are looking for a bag for heavy daily use. It’s no wonder that reusable grocery bags and tote bags are most commonly made from canvas.

Affordable and Flexible Nylon

One of the most common materials that bags are made from today is nylon. Fashionistas looking to stay on a budget can opt for nylon bags, quite a cheap option made from thermoplastic silky polymer. While still being flexible and bearing weight, it can hold its shape. But one should also be aware of the fact that nylon is not really durable and tears easily. They often come with a short shelf life. Athletic bags, backpacks and more affordable handbags are most commonly made from nylon.

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Straw, your Perfect Picnic Companion

Straw bags are iconic. Usually woven to create a chunky knit, this material immediately brings easy elegance to the mind. Whether being used as the perfect picnic companion, an everyday bag dripped in all-natural chicness, an unlikely high fashion move, this look is an instant classic. The straw material gives these bags clean clear lines, a defined frame, sturdiness.

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