Take Care of Your Bags in This Way if You Want Them to Last for a Long Time

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  • July 21, 2023

No matter how beautiful an outfit looks, it can never be complete without a bag. So, your bag deserves your care, love, and protection against every kind of stain, wrinkle, and scratch. Not caring for them properly will slowly make them lose their shine and they will eventually get destroyed.

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The Ultimate Bag Care Guide

Wondering how to take care of your bags so that they stay with you for an extended time period? Remember the following tips listed below:

  • A bit of nourishment and protection can assure that your bags will last for a long time. For instance, if your bags are made out of leather, then using a leather cream will do or you can go for a protectant or cleaner based on the texture of your bag. Suede bags would need a protectant spray to stay in good condition.
  • Based on the material of your bag, it would require a different cleaning technique. Handwash with a soft cloth, mild soap, and rinse with water if you have nylon bags. Next, with the help of a clean towel, pat dry it, and then air dry. In the case of leather bags, mix dish soap and warm water in a bowl, dip a soft cloth into it, wring, and then gently wipe the bag’s surface with it.
  • You would need a dust bag for sure if you want to keep your bags neat and clean. These bags are also available at a reasonable price and sometimes they come free of cost along with a new bag.
  • Now, most people make this mistake. No matter how used-to you are or how convenient it might be to you, never hang your bags behind your door hooks. It damages the handles slowly. Instead, you can stand it upright on top of your shelf.
  • Keep your bags away from sunlight as it can cause discoloration and damage. In addition, keep them away from low humidity so as to prevent mold.
  • Bag liners protect your bags’ insides from dirt and spills. A liner also offers you more storage and makes it a lot more convenient to swap your bags.

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