Should you be Keeping Your Wallet in your Back Pocket

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  • February 26, 2021

We all know the situation, heading out of the workplace or taking the children to school, a fast grab of all your necessities such as your wallet in your back pocket, and you’re off.

But is this outwardly innocent act causing you more problems than you would first imagine?

So before we dive into this essential wallet subject, let’s take a look at the short answer as to why you mustn’t ram your bi-fold wallet full of receipts, credit cards, money, and all the other things that manage to find their way into a brimming wallet.

Why Mustn’t you Keep Your Wallet in Your Back Pocket?

Keeping an overfilled wallet that you got from one of the popular wallet manufacturers USA in your back pocket is not advised. It can result in considerable problems to your spine as well as other regions of back health. A wallet in your back pocket can also be a simpler target for thieves, giving it a heightened security risk if your back pocket rips and you misplace your wallet.

Why Does it Impact Your Health to Put Your Wallet in Your Back Pocket?

Not only does stuffing your jeans or pants pockets with a big bulging, maxed out wallet look unappealing, ugly, and in general not very nice to look at, but it can also contribute a lot to lower back issues.

Extensively contribute to lower back pain

Nip your sciatic nerve

Force the spine and pelvis out of position

What Other Issues are There with Keeping a Wallet in Your Back Pocket?

Security concern

It doesn’t take a detective to infer that keeping your wallet bunched inside your back or jeans pocket it’s likely to cause you major security problems.

Damages Your Clothes

Even though a comparatively low-level problem, stuffing a bulging bi-fold or tri-fold wallet into your back pocket is likely to put a huge deal of stress on your pocket stitching, resulting in perhaps your back pocket disintegrating under the stress.

Does it Vary on the Wallet Kind?

Of course, if you have one of the more conventional designed tri-fold or bi-fold wallets, it can be much simpler to cram them and fill them with countless receipts, and any other bits and pieces.

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