School Bag Shopping: 7 Tips to Remember for Easy-Carrying Later

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  • August 15, 2023

A school bag is everyone’s best friend in school life. When you talk about school bag wholesale, there are mainly 3 kinds available— backpacks with wheels, one-shoulder bags, and school backpacks. No matter which style you are going with, remember the 8 tips listed below:

7 Simple and Smooth Tips to Remember When Buying School Bags

  • The school bag’s back should be wide enough to offer enough support. The cushion material of the bag’s straps should be breathable.
  • The bag’s shoulder straps should be wide and thick. It should be equipped with padded waist and chest straps. This will make the school bag more reliable while transferring part of the weight from the shoulder to the pelvis.
  • The school bag’s bottom should be wide enough so that it’s convenient to carry books of all shapes and sizes and there should be enough pockets and compartments to store and manage everything. However, the compartments shouldn’t be such that they are designed in an overly fancy manner.
  • Remember, if the bag’s shoulder straps are too long, it will cause your body to lean back easily and as a result, will put a burden on your spine. Thus, the shoulder strap should be properly adjusted so that the bag is located between the waist and the shoulder. Never carry it too low.
  • It will be great if your bag comes with a book-fixing strap inside it as it can concentrate the weight of the books close to your back. Place light books on the outside and heavy books near your back when placing books.
  • If you decide to go with a school backpack with wheels, it will depend on your school environment. If the weight is slightly increased and there are more flat roads, the total weight of the school bags can be controlled at 10 to 15% of the body weight. The rolling bag’s handle height should match your height. After 10 to 20 minutes, consider switching to the other hand.
  • When you go with a one-shoulder bag, it puts the entire weight on your one shoulder. These bags can easily cause muscle imbalance and even spinal misalignment. Even if you decide to get yourself one, to avoid these issues, make sure your bag is as lighter as possible and the weight is controlled within 10% of your body weight. Take it on the other shoulder every 15 to 25 minutes.

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