Exclusive Guide to Select the Perfect Handbag That Serve Your Need

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  • January 25, 2021

Every woman knows the worth of owning handbags and how essential it is to living. It not only helps her carry items but also adds a stylish element to her outfit and image. An average woman is known to have at least seven handbags for use. Purchasing handbags not only signals a fresh start but also feels empowering for women.

Tons of Variety to Splurge On

If you are a handbag hoarder you should have knowledge about the different types of handbags. There are few basic types of handbags that your wardrobe must have. The shoulder bag is a thing of utility as it can carry all the bare essentials you need. Satchel bags are perfect for working women who wouldn’t need much to carry just a few items; a little bit of makeup along with napkins and sanitizers maybe to get through the day. Cross body or sling bags are perfect for running errands, short-quick shopping sessions etc. Tote bags are extremely versatile that works for all occasions. A clutch defines elegance and sophistication especially when you are attending parties. Other bags include wristlets that are similar to wallets and is stylish and comfortable. When you approach a bag manufacturer to stock some of the best tote bags wholesale, you are sure to choose a lot among other fashionable bag varieties.

How to Choose a Handbag that Flatters your Figure?

The handbag you choose has the ability to either make your look or break it. Picking the right handbag has more to do with size and durability, than colors and prints. A handbag that blends well with your outfit and body type is quite flattering.

Women with small petite figure, should go for elongated bags with short or mid-length strap that would make you look tall. Those who are tall and have a thin body shape should buy slouchy or bucket bags with longer strap that mould to your body shape. If you are on the heavier side, buy structured bags with stiff outline. Apple shaped woman should draw attention away from your upper torso, so get wider structured bags that rest on your hips with long straps. Hour-glass shaped women should medium-sized hobo bags, totes to enhance your natural curves. Rectangle shaped women need bags that bring illusion of curves, can be tucked under the arm or rest against your waist.

Latest Fashion Trends and Styling of Handbags

Neutral colors like black, gray, brown, ivory, blue, taupe and white are what suggested to be versatile for daily use. The hardware incorporated into your bag like buttons, strap pins and other embellishments can be matched with your jewelry and accentuate the overall look. Another way to style your bag is wrap a scarf that matches your outfit around your bag.

Buying a handbag is easy now as the internet is booming with online stores that offer locally-produced bags from various parts of the world. If you are an ardent bag lover who wishes to give wings to your creative side, you can launch your private label handbags with the help of manufacturers.

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