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  • June 7, 2016

The magic of Disney touches people of all ages and genders alike. There is something about the dazzling princesses and enchanting castles that bring out the hidden child in one and all. At present, Disney characters are making an indelible mark in a range of bags for children that have been ever more inspiring and motivating for the young ones. Here are our top 4 picks for the year…

Suitcases for children

These days are never complete without Disney characters. Princess options for girls and cars planes and more for boys is extremely popular. From the outer shell / casing to the inner lining, every aspect of these travel options are complete with blissful prints that often make the grownups what them too! Weekend bags and smaller travel bag options are also available in the best of Disney prints with numerous manufacturers.

Casual Satchels and Tote Bags

Each and every little girl these days either own or wish to own a Disney print casual satchel or tote that they can carry either for a casual day out or for to beaches and pool sides. Disney tote bag wholesale manufacturers are often very attentive about making the bags spacious and purpose oriented besides making them super attractive to look at. Casual satchels are often carried to schools as well with equal glee.

Jewelry organizers

No age is considered too early to own jewelry organizers. And when the jewellery organizers are topped with Disney prints, the charm seems to enhance tenfold. At present, there is a very wide range of Jewellery organizers that are available in infinite different shapes, sizes, materials and compartment sections that can cater to the requirements of the users at best.

School bags

Last but never least, Disney school bags for kids happen to be the current favorite among all primary school children. These bags often come in various combo packs where matching pencil containers, as well as lunch boxes, are also made available. Frozen, Alladin, The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, and the evergreen Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty have been casting enchanting impact on the little users. Boys too have tons of options to choose from.

At all times, manufacturers have ensured that these bags are available at affordable prices so that everyone can approach the same. Disney tote bags, satchels, and school bags are available in as little as 5$ to 10$ which can get even better with discounts. Jewelry organizers and travel bas may be a little more expensive.


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