Clutch Bag Etiquette: What Every Lady Should Know

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  • October 20, 2022

A clutch bag is almost every woman’s obsession. They are used for various occasions and events i.e from formal to casual, and graceful ladies all over the world like to carry these bags. Coming with iconic designs, they can elevate any look from basic to royal!

Never underestimate the power of this bag because of its size. If you know how to hold a clutch bag properly, it can add a touch of minimalism, sophistication, and elegance to your overall appearance.

To know all about clutch bag etiquette, continue reading.

Is It Necessary to Carry a Clutch Bag?

Of course, it is! Every lady should carry one. It’s true that most bag styles are easy to carry as they come with straps and handles, however, a clutch bag is designed in such a manner that it acts as a piece of jewelry or an unusual accessory to add to the style of the user. Mostly, it is used to be paired with sultry evening gowns and can hold the basic essentials like cosmetics, credit cards, a phone, and keys.

Now imagine, you are wearing a sexy cocktail dress to attend a formal dinner party, how do you think a crossbody bag or tote would look like if you carry it with that dress? Yes, it will destroy the desired look, and this is exactly where a clutch comes in! Moreover, with reputed clutch bag manufacturers bringing a wide variety of clutch bags, such as the pochette, Bermuda bag, envelope clutch, kiss-lock clutch, minaudiere, wristlet clutch, and a box clutch, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t experiment with or even try!

In Which Hand Should You Carry It?

Be it in the royal family or women belonging to higher social strata, one can notice that they always carry a clutch in their left hand. This is because they prefer using their right hand to shake hands with people when out in the public.

So, you should always keep your right arm free whenever you are out greeting people in some formal setting. It’s not just royal etiquette, but basic etiquette as well these days.

What Exactly Should You Be Carrying in It?

When you are looking to carry just a few things, basic essentials for the evening occasion, a clutch bag is just perfect. A large bag will not only ruin a sophisticated look but can also become your stress because of its bulkiness. A smartphone, a bunch of keys, some emergency cash, and several makeup items like a liner and lipstick are ideal to be carried in a clutch. Make sure not to overload your bag.

Where Should You Put It while Attending a Dinner Invitation?

If you are attending a dinner invitation and you need to keep the clutch somewhere then lay it on your lap underneath your napkin. When someone asks you for a dance, you should keep it on top of the table at one side.

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