Celebrity Diaper Bag Preferences: Choose The Perfect One

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  • June 23, 2022

Celebrity Diaper Bag Preferences And How To Choose The Perfect Diaper Bag For Yourself

With the arrival of a new member in your life, we are sure you will be scouring several places to buy the ultimate diaper bag for yourself. It is also a known fact that it is very important to choose a utility diaper bag that carries all your baby’s essentials like diapers, wet wipes, bottles, pumps, change of clothes, and lots more.

If finding the best celebrity diaper bag is bothering you, you are not alone. Our beloved celebrity moms are happy to set aside their diverse bags for functional diaper bags when they have their kids with them. It’s convenient and handy and helps you to take care of all the baby emergencies that may arise on the go.

Additionally, if you are wondering about repurposing a tote or duffle or any other satchel you have at home, to carry your baby’s essentials, you are missing the point. A diaper bag, unlike the other bags, is built to carry the baby’s stuff. It comes with a lot of nifty features that make on-the-go diaper changes, feeding times, and outfit changes, feel like a breeze. So, here are the top celebrity-approved reasons why you should choose a diaper bag over any other bag in your collection when you have a toddler on the go.


Diaper Bags Come In Various Sizes

Diaper Bags Different size

Unlike your usual bags, these diaper bags come in several sizes. You can pick a one-nighter, a quick change in the gas-station kind, or even a diaper clutch. The size ultimately comes down to your personal preferences. American television star Bethenny Frankel used a large diaper bag that could be a great choice for moms on the go!

Tip: Make a list of all the things you are planning to carry. Then pick the size of the diaper bag that suits your needs the best.


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Diaper Bags Come In Many Styles

diaper bags in many style

Diaper bags come in the tote style and the backpack style.

While celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, the glamorous Kim Kardashian, and actress Jessica Alba opted for a tote-styled diaper bag, you can also opt for a backpack-styled diaper bag that lets you be handsfree.

For a more stylish experience, choose a chic-looking diaper bag over a boring one!

Tip: If you are planning to share the diaper bag with your partner or with your nanny, make sure you ask for their style preferences and see if the bag works for them too!


Mind The Straps

strap diaper bag

Depending on how many things you are planning to carry in your diaper bag gets, the bag can get very heavy. Take a hint from celebrity moms like Mila Kunis, Jesicca Alba, and Denise Richards and opt for a cross-body strap, so that you can wear the bag differently when it gets too heavy to carry on one arm.

A backpack-style diaper bag distributes the weight on your shoulders and is easy to carry. However, it may be difficult to retrieve things from it when you are on the go. So, practice beforehand, so that you are comfortable when outside.


Diaper Bags Are Convertible

Unlike your usual bags, diaper bags come with straps called stroller hangers that let you convert them into stroller bags and carry them around easily on the handles of your baby’s stroller.

Denise Richards and Selma Blair too opted for this convertible feature in their baby’s diaper bags.


Diaper Bags Help You Organize Better

Angelina Jolie Carrying Diaper Bag

Unlike your normal day-to-day bags, diaper bags come with a ton of organizational features like handy pockets, insulated bottle holders, organizational pouches, and more.

Take cues from Angelina Jolie and get yourself a bag that comes with an insulated bottle holder, and a ton of those very important organizational pockets.

Check for pockets on the inside and outside of the bags and see how the bag utilizes the space. Then pick the best one.

Tip: Zipper pockets lock all the mess inside, while magnetic pockets and Velcro ones are easy to access, on the go. So, make sure you think about your personal needs and choose a practical diaper bag that you can handle with ease.


Diaper Bags Are Designed To Survive Baby Carrying Mishaps

Unlike your other bags that may not be washable or waterproof, diaper bags are designed to sustain the mess that comes with babies. Choose a diaper bag made from fabrics that can be easily wiped clean, washed painlessly in a washing machine, and dry very fast.

Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie swear by bags that are easy to clean and can endure all kinds of mishaps caused by the tiny ones!


Diaper Bags AndDiaper Changing Pad

This feature is exclusive to diaper bags only. Some diaper bags come with an inbuilt diaper changing mat while others provide a dedicated pocket to store your mat. This is a boon for on-the-go diaper change situations!

With so many benefits, diaper bags are the beloved of moms-on-the-go and as you can see, celebrities are no different. So, browse online and look for some stylish yet durable diaper bags for yourself. Make sure you remember the tips to find the best one for yourself that will endure the daily wear and tear and will be a handy choice for you when you are taking your baby along for a trip or just going out for a walk in the park.

Additionally, before we go, here’s the last tip for you!


The Ultimate Test When Getting A Diaper Bag

The most practical way to choose a diaper bag is an ingenious test of testing your bag on one arm. Just pretend you are holding your baby in one arm and with the other arm, try to reach inside the diaper bag. See how easy it is to retrieve something. If it’s easy enough, go get that bag!

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