An Easy, Simple, and Compact 2022 Picnic Bag Guide

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  • August 29, 2022

You have the best company, great location, and delicious food ready, now all that you need is the perfect picnic bag! However, if you are asked to close your eyes and imagine a picnic bag, and you see something that is crafted out of wicker with a large handle on top, then sadly, in spite of living in 21st C, you are actually still existing in the 80s or 90s era, when these traditional styles were the only option available. These days, the top-rated picnic bag manufacturers come with a diverse range that includes picnic backpacks, picnic totes, picnic bags with coolers, and more! If you are a retailer/business owner in need of stocking some of the coolest picnic bags, then order in bulk from a customized picnic customized bag manufacturer. Make sure you keep in mind these six-point picnic bag guide.


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Separate Sections or Conventional?

There are picnic bags these days, where you will find separate sections for storing your every picnic need, from wine bottles and picnic blankets to corkscrews and utensils. The conventional picnic baskets are still there with one large compartment to store everything inside them together. Though this particular point of our picnic bag guide depends on your personal preference, still, if you love leading an organized life then the former is the best option for you, whereas, if you are someone who has very less patience with organizing staff then stick to the latter.


A Variety of Styles

picnic cooler bags wholesale

As mentioned earlier, today picnic bags are available in different styles. If you want a bag with many compartments, something that you can carry keeping your hands free, and which you can easily bear for long distances then picnic backpacks are what you should opt for, whereas if you want a versatile, easy-to-carry, and tight shut bag then settle for the picnic totes. For those who are looking for occasionally smaller, portable bags, make sure you invest in the specialty wicker picnic basket, and if you have a preference for a versatile, easier-to-clean, and insulated style, then picnic cooler bags are meant for you.


Various Carrying Options

Gone are those days, when you needed to carry the picnic bags by holding their top handle. Today, the notable picnic bag suppliers bring a variety that displays different carrying options, right from backpack straps to sling straps, to shoulder straps to handles. While going to the nearby park, the conventional baskets work, going on an adventure with friends or hiking, you are going to need something with the straps.


The Materials Used to Make the Bags

bamboo picnic basket

When choosing a picnic bag, considering the material is also important. Each material comes with its own unique qualities and advantages. Some of the most common ones that are often chosen are those made of polyester canvas, bamboo, rattan, and willow, though you will also find bags that have a blend of these materials.


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Size Matters – Crucial Point of Our Picnic Bag Guide

Think of the size you will need. Consider the number of people you will be serving and based on that choose out of two people picnic bags, four people picnic bags, and six people picnic bags. While smaller families should stick to two to four people picnic bags, families with more members should opt for the six people picnic baskets.


Going the Insulated Way

Be it hot or cold food, it’s best to enjoy it at its actual temperature, so insulation matters. Moreover, if you are traveling long distances with your family, then it’s all the more essential. It will keep your food fresh. While the conventional ones don’t have this feature, the modern improved versions have built-in insulation in them.


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