A Simple Guide to Making the Best Reusable Christmas Gift Bags

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  • December 9, 2023

Do you want to celebrate Christmas sustainably this year? Using reusable fabric gift bags can be a great way. It can be even more wonderful if you make them on your own. It will make the bags extra special for all your near and dear ones.

Tons and tons of wrapping paper and plastic bags are thrown away each year which ultimately harms the planet. If you are an eco-conscious person, then making reusable fabric gift bags can be a great way to give a splendid gift to Mother Nature this Christmas, other than surprising people close to you with your hidden talent. To know how to make them, keep reading.

Note: This tutorial is basically for beginners who only have a basic sewing machine. If you have a serger sewing machine or overlocker, you can make these bags in little to no time and with more ease.

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Making a Simple Reusable Fabric Christmas Gift Bag

You can make such a bag in any size. In this blog, you will learn how to make a cute mid-sized one.

Materials Needed

To make a bag that measures 21cm × 32cm, you are going to need a lovely piece of reusable fabric (47cm × 35.5cm) and a ribbon, cord, or bias binding (83 cm).

How To Sew The Bag

  1. First, you need to fold the fabric in half. Using the narrow seam allowance of about ½ cm, stitch down the sides and along the bottom.
  2. Next, turn the wrong side out to smooth it. If you want then with the help of an iron, you can press it flat, or else finger pressing the seams flat will do. On the same side and bottom, stitch another line of stitches, and this time, use a larger seam allowance. 4/8’’ or 1cm will do.

The double way of stitching a hem is called a French seam. It not only gives a strong base to the bag but also smoothly hides the raw edges.

  1. Next, turn your gift bag the right side out and go for a narrow double hem all around the top and stitch. Flatten the French seam to one side or the other.
  2. Fold a narrow hem in at the ends if you are using bias binding. Fold the bias binding in half lengthways and stitch all the way along to form a tie.
  3. To find the center point, fold the tie in half, and then stitch it to the seam of your bag. To make it secure, go back and forth with your stitches a couple of times.

And, with this, your reusable Christmas bag is ready! Following the same steps, you can make the other bags as well.

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