5 Types of Functional Bags

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  • April 5, 2016

Bags are practical as well as functional accessories which are needed at every step. Whether one is going to school, college, office, hiking, skiing, travelling or for any other purpose, bags are necessary. Read and know about 5 of the common types of bags that you can order from wholesale bags manufacturers, and keep in your apparel and accessory store stock to offer to customers.

Laptop bags

These are designed to carry laptops, and are needed by school-going kids as well as office goers and virtually anyone who needs to transport his or her laptop safely and in a secure manner. These are usually available in black, blue, grey or brown color for professionals while some are also to be found in funky colors such as pink, yellow, floral colors, combination colors and printed designs. These have separate compartments to keep laptops and accessories isolated.


Messenger bags

These are made out of strong materials, such as nylon, canvas or polyester, and are meant to transport letters and even tougher items easily. Some of these come with strong slings while others are available with sturdy shoulder straps. These allow users to carry them easily and securely. Most of the bags have zippered fasteners at the top, with the ability to be locked to keep things safe from thieves.


Skiing bags

These bags, as the name suggests, are meant to be carry skiing items and gears. These look like slender and sleek cases with extremely stylish and sturdy handles on both sides to allow shoulder support. These have high quality inner lining, which ensures a lot of storage space. The textured outer shell and the smart looks make these bags stylish in appearance.


School bags

These are indispensable for any school-going kid, and are made out of canvas and other strong materials, with big main compartment and small zippered pockets to keep all important items safely within. Designed for kids, these come in interesting colors and patterns with popular characters from Disney and other TV shows. With adjustable and padded straps, these are easy to carry for children. These are generally durable in form.


Picnic bags

Such types of bags are meant to be used for carrying items and belongings for picnic. Many of wholesale picnic bags are designed like satchels while others look like cases or pouches. Some of these have mesh front sections to keep small objects safely contained within, and to allow users to access them with a lot of convenience.



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