5 Essential Reasons a Sleeping Bag Should Be Your Camping Gear

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  • October 10, 2022

Love to camp on mountains, in forests or other lovely outdoor settings? Though it’s extremely fun and adventurous to go for camping, it’s unarguably vital that you carry with you certain basic stuff such as the much needed sleeping bag to sleep outside at night. If you’re a business owner, on the search for sleeping bags, do get in touch with a renowned bag supplier, equally famous as the best among gift bag manufacturers to stack up quality gift bags, sleeping bags, shopping bags, backpacks, duffel travel bags and other trendy bags.

1) Plenty of Functional Features and Endless Options

  • Temperature setting- Sleeping bags usually consist of varied temperature ratings and this makes them an ideal accessory for both summer and winter campers. A sleeping bag that displays 20 degrees Celsius or less is ideal for camping in summer while such type of bag that’s crafted with goose down feather and features -20 degrees Celsius rating is suitable to carry during winter camping.
  • Insulation ability – Remember that a sleeping bag made of synthetic or nylon fabric scores high on versatility and stores heat even in damp conditions. And, a goose down bag is more lightweight and perfect for usage in cold and dry climate. Insulation is provided by both synthetic and goose down materials but the latter cannot dry up quickly and hence, faces loss of insulation potential when damp.
  • Shapes – There are mainly four different sizes in sleeping bags, including rectangular, mummy/semi-rectangular bags, double bags and kid-size ones. Used also as a comforter, rectangular sleeping bags are roomy enough to accommodate your arms and legs. A snug-fitting mummy bag that’s semi-rectangular in shape provides warmth and sufficient space for your body.

2) Lends You a Peaceful Night’S Sleep

As tent campers have to practically sleep on the ground, sleeping bags provide a bit of cushioning without shifting elsewhere in the middle of the night as in the case of air beds. Thus, huddling inside a sleeping bag is a great choice to unwind and sleep soundly after a tiring day while on your camping adventure.

3) Compact and Easy to Set up

Sleeping bags being lighter and compacter enhance carrying comfort. Amongst them, synthetic bags are less compact than down ones and mummy bags are less bulky than rectangular ones but this slight difference hardly matters. While an air bed takes around four minutes or more to inflate completely, you can easily set up a sleeping bag in the tent by placing it on the ground. Just keep it away from the edges as moisture can dampen it.

4) Amazingly Water-Resistant

Large sleeping bags that are made with waterproof fabrics serve as protective camping gear which makes them a must-have item in your camping list. In case of rainy weather or sudden downpours, a sleeping bag will stay dry and keep you dry as well.

5) Surprisingly Affordable

You may feel that a lightweight sleeping bag comprising of top-class insulation property is a costly investment but its’ much low-priced when compared to an air mattress that comes with additional accessories. Plus, you may need to buy replacement equipment for an air bed in case of air leaks, mold problems, pump issues, etc. But you’ll face no such trouble with sustainable sleeping bags if you clean and store them properly and this makes them a pocket-friendly camping gear.

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