5 Easy Ways To Care For Your Shoes At Home

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  • October 29, 2018

You can extend the life of your favorite leather boots or oxfords with the help of basic shoe care knowhow. It is not a hassle and, in fact, you can enjoy wearing them for a longer period of time by taking care of it. But as we all know, not all shoes are treated equal and you need to devote time in each type of the shoe you known so that it lasts long. Shoes, just like clothes are an investment that will help to add depth to your outfit. Hence, for those who don’t know the tricks on how to care for them can read along the blog below.

Polish them often

As soon as you take the new shoes out of the box, give them a good polish so that the condition of the leather stays intact for a long time. You can even use homemade polish by mixing shea butter and polish mixture so that the shoe shines well and stays conditioned.

Protect and brush suede

If you’re investing in suede shoes, make sure to protect them from mud, salt and water by spraying suede spray on it so that it repels all the damaging elements. But make sure to test the spray before using it so that the wrong product does not damage the surface.

Save the Sunday paper

If you find yourself caught in sudden downpour, then immediately clean and dry out the shoe so that the residual water does not damage it. An easy way to do this is to stuff your shoe in newspaper as it is effective in absorbing the water quickly from it.

Add a layer of rubber

Before you wear your new shoes add a layer of rubber soles inside it, so that it protects the base layer of the shoes and also in the meantime, provides your feet with the required grip. This is also important for women’s shoes especially heels and wedges.

Hand wash the canvas

The best way to clean canvas shoes is to handwash it, using mild liquid detergent. Make sure not to put it in dryer as it will completely damage the shoes. If the rubber trim around the shoes gets too dirty, then you can always use toothpaste and a little water to brush it off.

Another pro tip is to keep the offseason shoes in bags purchased from the exclusive collection of wholesale shoe bags manufacturers. Buying a nice pair is just the beginning. Wearing them to increase the value of your outfit is something that you’ll definitely want in the long run. Hence, follow the aforesaid tips so that you can care for them too.


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