4 Simple Ways To Decorate A Blank Tote Bag

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  • December 9, 2022

Even though stunning tote bags are affordable today and you can easily find them in numerous styles as soon as you visit the nearby store, the satisfaction that you get when you design a blank tote, all on your own, is something else. It’s also the best way to flaunt your creative skills in front of your friends.

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Designing a blank tote is not only fun but very easy. All you need to do is get some from the market and then you can get started.

Here are several great design techniques for you to consider.

Ancient And Lovely Embroidery

An old but powerful tote decoration technique is embroidery. It’s a cool hobby that you can easily come to like. Just get some simple supplies and practice. There are different stitching styles out there, so you can experiment with any to create an eye-catching image. If not images, then you can also try something as easy as plain text. Embroidery works best on tightly-woven, plain surface fabrics.

Cool Spray Painting

The easiest way to obtain a cool design with a solid visual impact without putting too much effort is spray painting. For outstanding results, invest in some premium-quality spray paint. Take a simple approach if you are someone with skills but no experience. You don’t have to go with a complex design always but anything simple can also work beautifully with this particular technique. Just create a cardboard cut-out, place it on your blank tote and start spraying on it. Repeat this a few times to create an abstract pattern. Use polyester or cotton for the best results.

The Tie-Dye Fun

In the 1960s, tie-dye first gained popularity and now it’s one of the most well-known design techniques. For a chic monochrome tote that you can conveniently partner with any outfit, start with soaking and rinsing the fabric first. Next, twist it and tie it with a few rubber bands. You can experiment with different kinds of twists and tying ways and can obtain cool patterns. The end result will be absolutely breathtaking and you will be proud of yourself. You can choose denim, silk, rayon, or cotton blank totes for this.

Light, Easy Strokes

Brush painting offers a colorful world of possibilities on a plain blank tote. Ensure you have some fabric paint and brushes and then just let your imagination run freely. From lovey-dovey hearts to cute lollipops and candies to full-scale scenery, you can do anything you want. For brush painting, go for silk, rayon, canvas, or cotton blank tote bags.

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