What to Do to Make Your Plain Old Tote Look Eye-Catching? – 4 Interesting Diy Methods

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  • June 23, 2023

A tote bag is a useful accessory, that can be used for different purposes. Do you want to give your plain old tote a new look? Searching for some great DIY ways to do it? You have arrived at the right place!

Given beloware 4 cool styling ideas to jazz up your tote bag in a few minutes. Choose the one you like and get started!

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Cute Cat Embroidery Tote

To make an adorable design on a tote bag, get scissors, an embroidery needle,thick black thread, and a pencil. To get just the right look, it is essential to know how to backstitch. However, if you do not know or you are not confident enough, you can still try and see how it turns out for you. Right on the topmost part of the bag, make a smooth outline of a cute cat with the help of a pencil, and by using a needle and thread, stitch on the outline. If you want to protect the threads from inside then you can always iron it once you are done making the design.

Simple Quote Tote

Sometimes, a simple tote with a great quote on it is all you need. Other than your plain old tote for this project, you would need a sewing machine, ribbon, and iron-on transfer sheets. To fit the length of the handles, cut the ribbon and add half an inch to each side. In the next step, sew the ribbon onto the handles. On the iron-on transfer paper, print and cut the quote printable. Iron the quote on the bag, let it cool for a few minutes, and then peel off the paper away. Are you a business owner reading this blog and wondering where to grab chic, practical totes for your store? Place your bulk order from a well-known tote bags manufacturer today!

Pompom Tote

You need a transfer pen, green embroidery floss, craft glue, a pompom maker, and wool yarn in red, peach, and orange. Either you can make the pompoms yourself or you can get them readymade from the nearby store. After deciding where you will be placing the pompoms on the bag, use a transfer pen to draw the stems. Stitch with the help of a needle and embroidery flossand once you are done, you can wash the bag to remove the pen lines. When your bag is dry, you can glue each pompom and stick them on the bag.

Jeweled Party Tote

The last one on the list is something that would give your tote a party feel. To make a jeweled tote, you would need a fabric medium, big rhinestones, a paintbrush, glue, and acrylic paint. With the acrylic paint, mix the fabric medium and then apply some right on the center of the tote. In the next step, apply dots of glue and place rhinestones on that spot. Wait until it’s dry and tada! You get a lovely, eye-catching jeweled tote.

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