Valentine Day Bags: Top Suggestions to Impress Her With a Cool Bag!

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  • January 30, 2024

The celebration of love, Valentine’s Day, is just around the corner. Do you know the story of the cleric named Valentine behind it?

As per legends, Valentine’s Day has its roots in the ancient Italian society. It is said that this day is celebrated because of a Christian priest called St. Valentine who helped lovers get married in 269 A.D during the reign of Roman emperor Claudius. As he acted against the will of the emperor, the priest was executed eventually. However, his sacrifice continues to be remembered every year on 14th February. People shower love and give extra attention to their partners.

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What are your plans this year for your sweetheart? Are you thinking about opting for conventional Valentine’s Day gifts or do you want to break free from the usual and do something different for your woman?

Ladies all around the world are into bags. Bags are like jewelry, one can never have enough of them. An ideal bag is a blend of fine craftsmanship, legacy, and storytelling. So, you can think about grabbing and presenting one to your girl.

V-day Gift Bags Based on the Kind of Relationship You Are in

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  • Drunk in Love

Just like Beyonce’s song, are you so consumed by passion for her that you can not think of anything but to love her day and night? For such a raw and intense love affair, a crystal handbag in heart shape would be perfect. Beautifully decked up with thousands of little crystals from the handles to the body, it is just the type of bag you would want for her. Extravagant and elegant, such a bag is available in the market in a wide variety of colors including red, black, and beige. Small yet compact, it has been designed for keeping all the essentials.

  • Crush

Crushing on someone‘ is a different feeling altogether. Do you get butterflies in your stomach every time you see her? Does your heart skip a bit when her name pops up on the screen of your phone? Do you feel happy whenever she is around you? If you have been planning to propose to her on V-Day finally, consider doing that with a clutch that is encrusted with pearls. Also, your dream girl’s happiness would know no bounds if you get her one that has an adjustable strap and a fancy appeal to it.

  • New Relationship

A new relationship makes you excited and giddy. There is a constant smile on your face and you always want to see her. Whatever she does is thrilling and simply adorable to you. When she is not there, you can not help but miss her. If you have recently hooked up with someone and wish to impress her with the best gift this V-Day, then get hold of a lavish shoulder bag in pink and silver. Something, where the texture on the bag stands out and makes it look absolutely striking, would let her know how much she means to you.

  • Situationship

If you believe a committed relationship is a thing of the past and ‘situationship‘ is more practical in the present day where there are no associated norms and expectations of a steady relationship, then the perfect gift bag for your girl would be a high-quality leather bag. Something in an animal print with the base being brown would perfectly match with the “more than friends and less than lovers” concept of situationship. Grab such a bag for her to help her make a hot style statement.

  • Long Distance

The amount of faith and loyalty that this kind of relationship demands is only for those who totally believe in the power of love. If you have a strong attachment to each other and are able to grow your relationship despite all the obstacles and challenges thrown your way, then congratulations on achieving something so beautiful and secure. To celebrate love and togetherness, buy a bag for her that she would keep close to forever and which would remind her every day how much you love her, something like a minaudiere with a shiny stone base and hydro-pink details.

  • Friends with Benefits

With movies such as ‘No Strings Attached‘ and ‘Friends with Benefits‘ popularizing the concept even more, being engaged in a sexual relationship minus any romance is nothing weird or out of the ordinary today. In fact, to many, it’s more practical than promises of being together forever. Want to please your woman and set the mood this V-Day for a steamy night? How about starting with gifting her a luxurious sling bag with detachable pearl and chain straps?

V-day Bags for the Hot Babes

In this digital era, where dating sites like Tinder and Bumble Bee are so popular, online dating offers a convenient way to meet potential partners. If you are no mood to settle down and have multiple girlfriends to take care of, then based on the taste and preferences of the sexy babes, like what style, cut, color, print, features they want, you can purchase the best V-Day bags for them and get loads of hugs, kisses, and of course, something more in return!

A tip- Conversing with them, try to know about what they like in bags and if you have good observation skills, that is even better.

Trending Bags in V-day Avatar

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  • Heart-shaped Sling Bags

In sling bags, the furry heart-shaped form is quite popular. Super soft and crafted out of premium materials by noted bag manufacturers, they are the dream of every woman. Compact and voguish, such a bag often comes with a golden strap chain to capture both the eyes and mind of the viewer.

  • Totes With Love Slogans

When it comes to totes, the canvas style with love slogans such as “I wish I could turn back the clock, I would find you sooner and love you longer“, “All you need is love“, “You are exactly what I want“, “No words are amazing enough to describe how fantastic you are“, etc. are bought in huge numbers every year. Often crafted out of fine cotton or linen, they are not only cute but highly functional as well.

  • Heart-patterned Satchel Bags

In the market, there are plenty of satchel bags with heart patterns for this special day but the one that is opted for by men as V-day gifts mostly is the leather-based satchel bag with two to three red hearts engraved on it. The key reason? The classy feel and practicality that this material offers combined with the unusual look.

  • Half-moon Bags

Successfully captivating the fashion world and finding a permanent spot in the life of ultra-stylish women, the half-moon bags rose to popularity. A V-Day special one that is creating headlines these days is a simple yet sophisticated style in a crimson red color. With a single top handle and compartment and a back pocket to store emergency stuff, it’s perfect for every lady who believes in the saying “less is always more“.

  • Mini Basket Bags With Heart

Nothing can be cuter than these. Displaying woven hearts in red or pink and created out of sturdy jute material, these little bags typically feature interior cloth drawstring liners that can close to keep your things safe and secure. Sweet and chic, the design wraps around the whole bag. It is one of the most unique pieces that a lady can ever get hold of.

  • Embellished Bags

Embellished or statement bags in rhinestones, pearls, sequins, beads, patchwork, lace, and fringe are always trending. You can witness them in varied cuts, shapes, and sizes with the colors not just restricted to the traditional red or pink.

Logo Play Blended With the Love Theme

If your babe has a thing for bags with a less feminine appeal to it, then opt for bags (no matter the size and design) in dark or mute base colors of your choice and let the logo overrule. If you want to go low on budget yet go crazy, then pick replica branded bags where logos embossed in bigger fonts hog the limelight playing simple yet the attractive game for your babe to smile on receiving your gift. If you want to throw on a hint of red, pink or love patterns, then you can choose designs that play visually enticing for the onlookers yet maintaining a strictly sophisticated note.

Power of Pink

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If she is into pink, these are the shades you can go for:

  • Neon Pink

The vibrant neon pink symbolizes hot romance. If you are engaged in a thrilling, ‘full of wild adventures‘ kind of relationship with your lady, opt for this shade.

  • Nude Pink

Nude pink has been the shade of innocence and affection for a long time. Is your love a naive young girl? Someone like Anastasia from Fifty Shades of Grey? Going for a bag in nude pink will be just perfect.

  • Rose Pink

In general, rose pink is associated with sweetness and admiration. Do you find your girl to be the cutest with baby-ish charms? Gifting her a bag in this shade is what you should do!

  • Blush Pink

This soft, light shade of pink symbolizes youthfulness and tender romance. If the relationship has just begun and you love to pamper your young chick in her 20s, go for this shade.

  • Barbie Pink

Warmth, love, and femininity are the words associated with this shade. This Valentine’s Day, to be ‘Ken‘ for your Barbie, do something amazing for her and give her a bag in the Barbie pink hue.

Red – The Color of the Moment and Eternal Love

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If she is more of a red lover, these are the shades to consider:

  • Cherry Red

Linked with passionate love, this color is ideal if you are in a hot, fiery relationship with her. Do you find your woman as sexy as the shade cherry red? Do not wait but buy such a bag now!

  • Blood Red

Symbolizing loyalty like ‘blood oath in love‘, if you are head-over-heels for her and can not think of anyone else, lay your hands on such a bag for your girl today!

  • Ruby Red

Does she have a delightful zeal and enthusiasm for life? Do you love her for her bubbly, cheerful nature? If you answered yes to these questions, a ruby red bag is what she deserves this V-Day.

  • Wine Red

Wine red, the shade of sophistication and intense love is ideal when your woman has a classy choice in everything and if you find her ‘sometimes domineering attitude‘ to be attractive. It is the hue to go for right away!

  • Cranberry Red

Representing passion and energy, this shade is the best if she loves you passionately each day (“without tiring“) and does things for you with all her heart.

How to Make It Extra Special for Her:

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Thinking how extra special you can make the day for her, other than giving her the bag? Take a look at the list of ideas given below:

V-Day Crafts: You can think about making candy heart garlands, cardboard tube heart stamps, and yarn-wrapped hearts (the last one is great if you are willing to go that extra mile for her).

V-Day Decor: Unsure how to adorn your space for the event? A simple way would be wall art. Deck up the wall with red, pink, and white hearts, or, you can put crazy, goofy, romantic pictures of both of you in a collage on it.

V-Day Goodies: Stuffed animals and premium chocolates are something that is loved and enjoyed by women of all ages. Also, they are pretty much more affordable than the other available options in the market.

V-Day Stuffers: From illuminated glass hearts to a couple keychain to mini-figures inside a glass box, the options are endless here!

V-Day Toppers: Like many, for you, if the celebration is incomplete without a delicious-looking cake, toppers will be a must. And, for that, you can consider Happy Valentine’s Day toppers or little hearts toppers.

With every possible help given in this blog, you will surely leave your girl in awe and tears!

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