Trendy Sleeping Bags for Your Next Trek

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  • July 15, 2019

Sleeping bags are a lifesaver when it comes to the most important job of the day to be done right. With years of expertise and knowledge of the technical knowhow, the manufacturers are coming up with new designs of sleeping bags, that will provide you with the maximum comfort and you will not have to worry about sleeping anywhere any time. Though it should be warned to potential users that these bags are so comfortable you will snooze in peace and won’t feel like coming out any time soon.

Famous wholesale sleeping bag suppliers are curating new groundbreaking bag designs that will definitely fit customer and retailer preferences. You need to make sure of the built quality of these bags, the feather content and concentration, which will determine the warmth provided. There is no other feeling better than waking up in the morning after a good compact sleep last night. And on the mountains where you are on the go every moment, to get the right sleeping bag, which not only will provide you the warmth but also the comfort and easy packing, so that you don’t overweight your rucksack and have it get in the way of your seamless journey.

Take a look at these sleeping bag samples before heading out:

The all rounder

You should check out these specialty sleeping bags that will provide you with the warmth, because of the weight and the built quality. On the other hand these bags are lightweight to carry, and easily maneuverable which will not cause you much problem to fold in your bag. With enough head and leg space these bags are the perfect for you after a tiring all day trek.

Get bags that take up minimal space

If you are looking for sleeping bags, if you are lightweight traveler, then these bags will be the best for you. The extremely light weight of these bags provide you a light travel experience, these bags weigh less than a pound and fold in like a bed sheet, taking a miniscule space up for itself inside your luggage. Don’t let their light weight fool you, as these bags have been reported to be very warm in extreme cold climates as well.

The heavy duty designs

If you are looking for something that will be useful in extreme climatic situations, you should definitely get the heavy duty sleeping bags, which will be heavy and this weight is what caters to the warmth that it provides when you are camping over ice fields and there is a chance blizzards every now and then. The fat feel of these bags will keep you very comfortable and warm when you drape it around you. These bags are specially built in to ventilate the hot air from your body out, while preventing chilly winds to penetrate in.

Try out synthetic bag packs as well

If you are out hiking by the stream, or to a place which is damp due to natural reasons, then trying out these synthetic sleeping bags can be a good idea. The synthetic fiber allows the moisture to trickle down, keeping the inside warm and comfortable. Be wise about the location choice and pick your sleeping bags accordingly. These bags come with a two way zipper line which induces easy ventilation and the water proof shell, repels moisture keeping you warm and dry on the inside.

Retailers looking to add quality sleeping bags to their retail stock should get in touch with one of the leading bag manufacturer in USA to get their desired products for bulk buy.

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