Spring/Summer 2024 Bag Trends: A Quick Glance

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  • February 15, 2024

Bags have been there since ancient times. Over the years, they have evolved significantly. Due to their versatility and functionality, they are a popular style accessory for women.

Another reason why they are so loved is because of their availability in various styles, designs, shades, prints, cuts, and sizes.

Are you a trend follower? If yes, you will be glad to know about the prime Spring/Summer 2024 bag trends. This year’s Spring/Summer runway collections were highlighted with handbags, clutches, crossbody purses, and tote bags that built on past trends with a hint of florals, chains, and timeless shapes.

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Across the Spring/Summer 2024 collections, the presence of the British actress and singer, Jane Birkin was strongly felt. As models carried basic yet not-so-casual leather totes and lovely woven baskets that were decked up with trinkets and spilled over with belongings, it reminded many of the late actor’s way of stuffing her namesake Birkin bags.

Over the past few seasons, the quiet luxury trend that hovered over the handbag category is now seeing a focus on supple leather, clean lines, and logo absence. Handbags had a moment amidst simple leather totes and minimal envelope clutches. Unique frame-style bags in gathered silk or leather displayed a quirky hand-carved closure. Via webs of glittering crystals, the Italian designer Sabato De Sarno gave the iconic Jackie bag a revamp.

With the basics just explained, to know about the key Spring/Summer 2024 bag trends in detail, keep reading!

Dazzling Chains

For several designers, handbags were no less than jewelry. They treated the bags with silver and gold handles that resembled pretty necklaces. With a lovely gold chain dangling from the handle, the squeeze bag was back for another season. Some famed brands on the other hand went for metallic hardware. The pieces from the award-winning, world-renowned designer, Michael Kors took viewers back to the 90s with their gold decorative chains resembling the belts seen on the dancefloor of that era.

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Beautifully Super-stuffed

As you might know already, most handbags remain empty as models carry them on the runway (other than housing some strategic padding to create structure). However, this is not the case this time. In the Spring/Summer 2024 shows, things were different. Bags overflowed with the stuff from daily life. The bags of the London-based designer Stephan Cooke were beautifully decorated with foam fingers and charms. While a popular Italian luxury fashion house’s bags contained spare shirts and rolled-up newspapers, the tote bags of a noted French luxury fashion and perfume house were weighed down with trinkets and keychains. What caught everyone’s attention the most was the weirdly fascinating clasp of the bags of a revered brand.

Red in Power

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If you have always been a fan of the color red, you will be glad to know that it is going to be the shade of the year. Often associated with playfulness, strength, and renewed motivation, you will get to see the shade evolving in tone and texture. Loads of attention-grabbing handbags were witnessed in tomato and fiery chili red shades. Lately, plenty of celebs from Tinseltown have been showing off their ability to rock the color with muted pieces and thanks to some big names now, they will have more options to choose from. Not exactly neutrals but when you pair them with off-white, beige, or tan brown, you get a distinct look. The different shades of red can instantly elevate your attire. Of course, if you want you can also go monochrome or head-to-toe bright and bold.

Make Way for Envelope Clutches

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Not really a tote person? In that case, the discreet envelope clutch deserves a place in your life this year for sure. Coming in streamlined and neat shapes that can make your attire look instantly refined, they are also big enough to carry all your essentials and not just a phone, keys, and some cash. As a fashion-conscious woman, you will agree too that nothing is chicer than a slimline clutch when it comes to evening dressing. Based on the texture, color, and design, you can match them with your ensembles accordingly. For example, a leather envelope clutch will go great with a knitted dress.

Loud and Bold

In the Spring/Summer 2024 collections, stealth wealth or quiet luxury of course had a place but many designers also went for loud and bold via sparkle, crystals, and lots of gold. A luxurious white tote from a haute couture house created by one of the most notable Italian fashion designers Elsa Schiaparelli was decked up with a charmed bracelet, gold chains, and a gold wristwatch. Other than this, there were a few stunning party bags too such as the sequined clutch bags that were very much for young ladies with an irresistible sex appeal and magnetic personality. Grabbing one and styling with equally chic clothing pieces, you can be the center of attention at any fancy event.

Rise of the Micro-minis

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While totes continue to enjoy their No. 1 position in bag fashion, micro-mini bags are slowly rising to power. While the debate “whether or not they are a practical accessory” continues, they are certainly not going to go anywhere. The shrunken-down sizes were something. You can say that this was the season of extremes (size-wise) as the bags spotted were smaller than you can imagine. One of the bags displayed such a size that it will find it hard to house even a few coins. If you want to flaunt your refined fashion sense and your knowledge of the latest trends, you can surely go for this one.

Being Practical

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For Spring/Summer 2024, handbags came with lots of pockets and compartments. The pieces of some of the most prominent brands resembled a pair of cargo trousers in terms of lots of ‘hiding areas‘ or pockets. Other eminent brands gave the practicality a sleeker spin with zippered, thin compartments. The only issue here is going to be that it might make it a little hard for you to find your essentials. However, if you can overlook this, you can always go for such a bag and rock it at any light event. The kinds available will leave you impressed.

Eye-soothing Woven Bags

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In the Spring/Summer 2024 collections, woven bags are more widespread than ever. Designers elevated a simple casual bag style to something extraordinary. From eye-gripping totes with a rope-like get-up to structured basket bags to loose-knit structures, the pretty theme included everything that you might or might not have seen before. Most of these bags with their eye-soothing appearance will look great with lovely clothing pieces like dresses and tops-skirts. As these bags give off a summery, relaxed vibe, they are ideal for beach outings.

The Giant Totes!

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As stated before, it is the season of extremes. Coming in total contrast to the micro-mini bags are the giant totes that will make people question where you are heading! The super-large bags are perfect for you if you are the type to carry everything with you. Such a bag can easily hold everything. Packing things in them, you can be gone for a day and stay all chilled and relaxed. Undoubtedly, these fits-your-whole-life totes are functional but they are highly fashionable as well. The designs and shapes are going to blow your mind.

Spherical Bags

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For Autumn/Winter 2023, the spherical bags were big and the same goes for the Spring/Summer 2024 collections. Compact circles and scooped shoulder bags captured attention. Ever seen a football-shaped bag in a super-soft fabric with a silver safety pin instead of a side compartment? When such a bag comes with a mind-boggling thick handle, one can not help but watch it with awe. From denim jeans to dresses to jackets to coats, you can style a spherical bag with numerous clothing items and get loads of compliments from those around you.

Interesting ‘Day Clutches’

You will never see ‘day clutches‘ like these ever. Coming in double and triple sizes of a normal day clutch, they are something for sure. Though it would not be of much help to your posture, they are going to be pretty ‘in‘ this year!

Now that you are aware of the latest Spring/Summer 2024 bag trends, it will not only help you to make some cool wardrobe additions but grab eyeballs with your fashion sense as well!

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