The Top 5 Handbags For The Modern Women

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  • July 31, 2015

For a woman, the handbag is an extension of the entire look that she wants to portray and hence, there is no doubt that handbags are among the most functional and hard-working accessories in their wardrobe. It not only helps to complete a polished look but also holds day-to-day items and shields them from possible theft and damage. But now there are so many choices in varying price range and in every fabrication and color known to mankind that women often find the whole ‘handbag buying experience’ overwhelming. Here is a guide to most essential handbag manufacturers USA that a woman will ever need to be ready for all occasions, events and outings.

The Leather Satchel

This is the ideal oasis handbag for the modern, working women. This medium to large top handle bag can hold almost everything that one would need. Choosing one in neutral color leather like black, dark or light brown, will make this the perfect bag to be carried for work and also for after-work parties. Light colors like white and beige are mostly avoided because they tend to reveal the scuffs and stains visibly. As these bags are available in all sizes, it is important to choose one according to one’s size. Tall women should not carry a diminutive handbag and similarly, petite women should not carry a bag that looks like they could get in it.

The Clutch

A clutch is a fantastic option if you can decide on the essential items that go in and the items that stay out because they do not offer amply storage space but help to make excellent style statement. Usually, these bags do not hold more than a lipstick, but the ones that come with several pockets, can carry a bit more than just a lipstick. This is one of those bags that women can have fun with and it goes perfectly with almost everything from dresses to shorts. One can play with different materials and colors when it comes to these bags.

The Cross-Body

The cross-body offers great freedom of movement while providing enough space to hold the essential items and it also looks much stylish and chicer than a backpack. Usually, these bags come with a sturdy, adjustable strap and a front flap that is easy to maneuver. These bags come in various sizes although the medium-sized ones should be preferred because if it is too small, it will not be functional and too big, it could throw the wearer off balance and overwhelm the whole look.

The Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bags have a sleek, sophisticated yet sporty appeal and are perfect to be carried around every day for work or play. It offers greater mobility than a regular satchel as one does not have to hold on to it with the handle but let it hand across the shoulder. There are numerous options available for this bag in terms of color, style, and price range and one can absolutely make a choice based upon one’s personal sense of style and budget.

The Fashionable Tote

The chic tote has become a wardrobe staple for all women as it offers ample space to haul stuff around while looking polished, professional, and classy. This kind of big bags is usually bought based on the items that need to be carried around on a daily basis. Women who do not have a lot of things to carry but yet want to purchase a tote, they can go for the lightweight ones. These bags work equally well at work, for weekend trips and casual hangouts.

While all the above-mentioned oasis handbag looks great, not every bag suits every woman. If a shopper is willing to shop wisely, designers and manufacturers offer bags specifically designed for every body type. Shoppers who are looking to save money can get in touch with leading wholesalers to get great deals on stylish and fashionable handbags.

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