Storing Your Sleeping Bag: An Easy, Simple, and Compact Guide

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  • May 25, 2023

Storing sleeping bags is not as hard as you think. Properly storing it at home is simple and is highly essential if you do not want to end up buying one every time you decide to travel. That would be a bit too much and not to mention— costly!

Do not worry, this easy and compact guide mentions all the important things that you should keep in mind to store one easily.

Clean It

Washing your bag once in a while is a good idea as dirt, sweat, and body oils in the insulation can affect its performance. If you are an avid traveler but are not really into cleaning that much, then consider washing it once every season.

What You Need to Do to Store Sleeping Bags Correctly

  • Temperature extremes and moisture are bad for your bag so make sure to avoid uncooled and unheated spaces such as attics and garages and damp basements. A car trunk is not also a nice place to store your bag. You can store it in one corner of your closet.
  • You would require to find a large amount of space inside your closet as some wholesale sleeping bag suppliers sell these bags with a huge additional storage sack that is usually made out of cotton. It keeps it contained without compressing it and also allows air circulation. You can also consider using a king-size pillowcase if your bag did not come with a large storage sack. It will be best if you can purchase a mesh or cotton sack to store your sleeping bag.

Is Drying the Bag Between Trips Necessary?

Mold and mildew can grow inside the insulation and on the surface of the bag if you do not dry it out between trips. Start with unzipping the bag. Once you are done, hang it on a large hanger or over the line in the covered outdoor space and leave it like that for around 7 to 8 hours. If there is no outdoor space where you live then you can hang it in a temperature-controlled, dry indoor area. Never leave your bag in direct sunlight as UV rays can weaken the material and there might be cracks in the fabric.

An Extra Tip

Insulation of the bag needs to be as it is if you wish to keep warm outdoors. Both synthetic as well as down fills need to fluff up in order to form small air spaces within the insulation. This then traps the body heat that helps you to stay warm while you sleep. They do a great job of fluffing up after being compressed, but then, not for a too-long time.

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