Some Mind-Boggling Ways to Style Your Handbags With Silk Scarves

  • oasisbags
  • September 23, 2023

Okay, it is true that decking up handbags with silk scarves is not something new but then, you might not know about all the different ways you can tie them. In fact, there are still many people who don’t realize that they can use their everyday scarves to give their handbags a unique look!

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Listed below are all the different ways you can style your handbag with the pretty silk scarves:

Way 1

Let’s start with the easiest way in which you can use a twilly around the top handle. Begin by tying a knot in one end of your bag’s handle with a little piece of the twilly hanging loose. Until and unless you have covered the whole handle, pull the rest of the twilly around it. Stop when you have an end piece left to tie to the other end. Try and match the twilly lengths hanging from each handle’s side, so they are roughly the same.

Way 2

Use your scarf to tie it along a long shoulder strap. As the shoulder strap is often longer than the top handle in most bags, you might not be able to cover all of it, so strap parts can be visible between each turn. But don’t worry, even that doesn’t look bad. First, fold the scarf into one long rope and then tie it with a double knot on one end. Next, wrap it around the shoulder strap until you get to the other end. With another double knot, finish it on the other end.

Way 3

With the help of a casual knot, you can have a large part of your scarf flowing freely from one end of the handle. To make it look neat, a tip here would be to fold the scarf. This will make it look relatively narrow, otherwise, it might take too much space, killing the visual appeal. Tie a double knot on one end of the top handle and leave the rest loose.

Way 4

Just like how it is with a twilly, you can tie a long scarf around the top handle. However, you must fold it first. Keep in mind that a full scarf will take up more space and will make your handle look thicker, so hold the scarf tightly as you fold it around. Start with tying a knot around one end of the handle, leaving 5 to 20 cm hanging loose. Next, fold the scarf around the handle till you reach the other end. Go for another end knot and again leave around 5 to 20 cm hanging loose.

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