Rachel Green and the Baguette Bag

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  • July 2, 2022

Rachel Green and the Baguette Bag: A saga of love for accessories!

When we talk about the sitcom ‘’Friends’’, it’s more of a gamut of emotions for all those who grew up in the 1990s. The crazy, humor-infusing, sometimes sad, reckless, sex-capsuled world of Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, and Ross in Manhattan got into every possible household’s comfy couch in the living room. The engaging episodes got us all hooked and when did this sitcom got intertwined with our real-life happenings, words will fall short in expressing this. When we look for fashion inspiration from them- they had everything in offer from slip dresses, knitted tees, fab-flannel-fashion choices, cool necklines, knee-high boots, and the list goes on.

For all the bag lovers out there, if we are reading you right then the accessory section of your wardrobe should not do without a stylish baguette bag apart from the other staples that you have! That’s how we remember Rachel, her stunning style sense, and keep on pouring our love for none other than Jennifer Anniston aka Rachel Green.


Rachel Green Made the Baguette Bag a Super Hit As a Shoulder Bag

Rachel Green made the baguette bag a super hit as a shoulder bag

90s baguette bags are making heads turn and how! This bag got its name from a baguette bread in France. It is a small, compact one and certainly the perfect one for Rachel Green. The oh-so brushed look, chic black leather capped with a burgundy trim got synonymous with the style stance of Rachel Green. Though you cannot take it all in this compact and stylish baguette bag, no matter what you are wearing-prancing around with your emergencies intact is a good choice when you go for a baguette bag.


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The Features that Make Rachel’s Shoulder Bag a Top Fashion Choice:

  1. 90s silhouette invoking nostalgia

baguette bag and 90s nostalgia


2. The classy leather look and finish

baguette bag classy leather look


3. Adjustable slim shoulder strap that won’t get in the way sits tiny and nice on the bag


4. Top-zip fastening

top zip fastening baguette bag


5. A versatile bag with loads of teaming-up options

rachel green baguette bag


Hey, are you a business owner reading this? Well, if you are all set to woo your female customers and looking for the best bag to stock in your store’s collection, then you must not miss out on this shoulder bag when checking the catalog of a well-known bag manufacturer. You can put in your custom inputs and add the contemporary touch by experimenting with the croc look on bags or as you may fancy when placing your bulk order.

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