Prevent Back Ache with Right School Bags for Kids

  • Oasis_bags
  • November 17, 2015

There have been numerous studies claiming that school bags can potentially cause back pain and damage children’s spines leading to muscle strain and rounding of the shoulders. This is especially true when the bags are too heavy or if it is of the incorrect size. Of course you wouldn’t want your child to suffer so young in his or her life. There are certain essential things to be kept in mind when purchasing school bags for kids.

Correct Size

You must have heard a lot of school children complaining that their bags are too heavy! One of the reasons why this can happen is because parents thinking about saving money, purchases large bags in the hope that it would last longer. But this approach is absolutely wrong and bags are not going to last the entire time that the child goes to school! Backpacks and bags that can be slung over one shoulder are recommended and it should be of the appropriate size based on the height and weight of the child. Manufacturers offer school bags for kids with features such as molded frame, padded back, adjustable straps and water-resistant to ease the trouble.

Enough Compartments

A bag with a few separate compartments would help to balance out the weight and not make the child feel like he or she is carrying the entire weight of the world on his or her little shoulders. There should be separates spaces to carry lunchbox, books and other accessories.

Dash of Style

In today’s time, everything is about making the right statement. A child would love to go to school if he or she has something to show off. Apart from clothes, bags are something that can be used as a fashion accessory to be the popular kid in the class. Wholesale school bags are readily available in a variety of colors, designs and styles. One can choose from prints like superheroes, cars, space for boys to animals, flowers, Disney characters for girls, and more.

Functionality is definitely important, but one cannot even sacrifice on fashion. It is important to look for a reliable bag manufacturer that can provide both!

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