Pathway from being a top bags retailer to a top bags wholesaler

  • Oasis_bags
  • November 30, 2015

There are many leading examples of businesses in the world who dominate both the wholesale market and retailer market of the bags industry. In fact, they even design their own line up and manufacture it. While this may not be possible for many small businesses- manufacturing- they sure can become a top wholesaler and retailer in their industry; plus they also get the option to customize their bulk, which, in a sense, means that they get to be their own designer.

Being the top bulk seller

The work of wholesalers times every task and responsibility of retailers. They have to stock more quantity, in more varieties, be considerate of the wide range of customer base, and be quick and efficient in distributorship service.

Top manufacturer is your hero– Like mentioned already, there are a wide range of tasks that as a wholesaler you need to consider. But it all becomes rather easy and convenient if you are doing business with the top and trusted bags manufacturer. They offer more quality options, which ease up your task of choosing the right bulk.

Dropshipping is your savior– In the quest to lead the wholesale market of bags, the price you are buying your own bulk at  from the other businesses is very important; you need to minimize your cost as much as possible. This does not mean you root for cheap bulk; dropshipping is your solution. Top manufacturers also dropship directly, which reduce the cost of the middlemen by a large extent.

Customization is the solution– Although top manufacturers offer many standard options in their inventory, which might look sufficient, there are always room to improve and do better and different. Customization options helps you in doing your bulk ‘better and different’, to optimize the satisfaction of your customers to the highest of level.

Customer satisfaction is the key– When in wholesale business, customer satisfaction sits at the top of the priority list, with no ‘ifs & buts’. Customer satisfaction is not solely about offering quality varieties but also includes pre and post sales services. You should be prepared to answer all your customers’ queries and questions, regardless how irritating and tiresome it becomes.


Obviously your transition from being a retailer to wholesaler will not be a smooth and quick one. But it sure is worth it- more revenue, more recognition and more respect.

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