Keep Calm And Carry a Fabulous Bag Designed By a Wholesale Bag Brand

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  • May 30, 2016

“Don’t cry, buy a bag and get over it!”

Do you have a fetish to collect the hottest range of bags to add to your closet? Then we have some good news to cheer you up! Hold your breath, as the leading bag wholesale UK companies are designing stunning array of handbags and purses for the fashion-forward ladies. If accessorizing is the most interesting and fun part of dressing up, you need the latest collection of haute couture bags , which would simply awestruck you with their elegance and class.

Life is too short to carry boring bags after all, then why waste time brooding over the outdated ones? It is time to refurbish your wardrobe this season , and lock your happiness into the most sassy and chic handbag! Wondering what are the latest entries into the global fashion scene? We will get you covered with them:

• Festive fringe

In a splash of colors, fringes are getting a notched up appeal on handbags. Be it the bright and funky tassels or the subdued and soothing suede shades, you can go for endless options. Flaunt the details or keep them subtle, fringes can go with all your outfits perfectly.

• Replace squares with circles and ovals

Wondering how to look fresh and unique this season? Get going with round shaped handbags and ditch the monotonous square and rectangular ones. This silhouette is classy to look at and goes the best with feminine dresses. This can be a sling handbag or a clutch purse too!

• Cool girl vibes with chain handles

Flaunt the coolest style this season with the chunky chain handles handbags which add edge to your finesse smoothly. This will render luster and gloss to your persona even when you are wearing a plain outfit.

• Jazz up with embellishments

Make yourself get all the spotlight from parties to social gatherings in embellished bags. These bold bags are filled with decorative designs , from faux studs to intricate embroideries, it is time for you to get jazzy with them!

• Miniature cute versions

Instead of carrying the oversized and slouchy bags when going for parties when you do not need to carry a lot of stuff, you can go for the little satchels which are mini in size and lighter in weight. From polished demeanors to graphic and floral prints . or shimmering embellishments, you get options in galore!

• Groovy graphics to tune into

It is time to get playful and flirty with the graphic bags which are fun top showcase. Be it in the shapes of tropical fruits or in happy faces, or preppy prints all over , they are delightful in appeal and can complement your joy-de-vivre side flawlessly!

• Lend some smartness to your Smartphone!

Not just to carry everyday stuff, sometimes you need sleek bags in elongated structure to carry your Smartphone with poise. You can easily slip your phone in the single slot and the sling structure makes it easier to carry , with instant stylish effect delivered.

• Slouchy shoulder bags

Get fashionable and functional through shoulder bags which some with wider and sturdier straps. Big in size, without any definite shapes, these bags can make you survive work to weekend effortlessly.

• Cute Eva bags for travelling

Keep your cuteness quotient intact with the cute wholesale eva bags in the structure of backpacks for travelling on weekends!


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