How To Get The Most Out Of Your Sleeping Bag: 4 Tips And Tricks

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  • October 27, 2023

The prime purpose of a sleeping bag is to keep you warm when your body starts to cool from dropping temperatures and less blood circulation. Now, whether your sleeping bag is crafted out of synthetic or down fibers, there are a few things that you can do to improve its lifecycle and performance which in turn can offer you a better night of sleep inside it. Want to know all about them? Make sure you read till the end.

Just One Layer of Clothes is Enough

If you wear too many clothes inside the sleeping bag, it will prevent your sleeping bag and your body from exchanging heat. So, go for just one layer of clothes made from wool. You can use the extra layers (if you have been wearing any) to roll and use as a pillow for the night. If you want your clothing to be easily heated and highly breathable, then wool is the best option. A renowned bag manufacturing company comes with a vast collection of striking, top-quality wholesale sleeping bags, that are created out of the best materials!

Stimulate Your Blood Circulation Just Before Sleeping

To get your blood pumping a bit before you tuck yourself in, it is important that you don’t get to sweat as the condensation will moisten the bag’s inside, therefore causing a cool-down effect instead. You can just do a few push-ups, jumping jacks, or squats and get inside with a slightly elevated pulse. This will help to enhance your sleeping bag’s function without destroying your sleep.

Let The Sleeping Bag Time Expand

Most people believe that it is the insulation that keeps the body warm, but it is actually the air pockets in between the filling that use the heat of your body to keep you warm. When your bag is compressed, so is the filling, which in other words means, there are virtually no air pockets for your body to heat up. You can increase your sleeping bag’s ability to keep you warm in your sleep by shaking it and letting it breathe at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

There Should Not Be Too Much Empty Air Inside

You need to avoid too much empty air inside, or else it will leave you cold. And for this, always buy a sleeping bag that fits you. Today, they are made available in numerous shapes and sizes. If you already have a sleeping bag that is too long, you can tie a string around the foot end to shorten it. In this way, a child can also use it in an emergency situation.

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