How Do I Choose A Handbag for My Body Type

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  • November 1, 2023

Just like how you choose your dress according to your body type, you should also consider choosing a handbag as per your body shape. The right one will always flatter your figure and hide the flaws. And, going for the wrong one can ruin your entire look.

Given below is a list that discusses which bag type is meant for which body shape. Have a look.

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  • If You Are Pear-Shaped

Opt for…

A handbag that comes between your waist and hips. It will help your shoulders look broader while forming a balance. You can try a satchel handbag. And, if you want to draw attention from your heavy bottom, then grab a clutch.


Oversized, large bags, as they will draw the eyes of the viewers to your lower half. Avoid bags that hang below your hips as they will draw attention towards your heavy bottom.

  • If You Have an Hourglass Figure

Opt for…

You can go for any type of bag as everything works with this particular body shape. Still, if you need the 3 best recommendations, then they are— crossbody handbags, satchel handbags, and tote handbags.


The ones that do not match the color of your dress or your proportions.

  • If You Have a Rectangular Body Type

Opt for…

Bags that rest on your waist. Go for hobo bags, clutches that you can tuck under your arm, and long-strapped satchel bags.


Bags that sit on or go below your hips.

  • If You Are Short-Framed / Petite

Opt for…

The rectangular bags. They go great with a short and heavier build. Make sure the bag has adjustable straps and shorter handles. A small bag will go well with your proportions.


Slouchy bags as they will make you look fatter. Say NO to the oversized ones as well as they will make you look shorter.

  • If You Are Thin and Tall

Opt for…

Slouch, hobo-style bags, as they will add the illusion of curves. If you want more storage options, then a larger clutch or a medium-sized designer handbag will serve the purpose. Oversized, large, or medium bags will flatter your tall, thin structure.


Shoulder bags, featuring a short strap, as it will not go with your body shape. Tiny and small handbags will add to your height (which you might not want with an already tall frame).

  • If You Are a Full-figured Woman

Opt for…

The long shoulder strap bags. They will hide your chubby parts. You can also go for statement bags or bags with heavy decorations, as they will shift the attention towards your bag. The medium-sized bags will also work well to lift your overall personality.


Too large bags as they will add to the bulkiness.

Always remember, the key to choosing the right one for you is, it should be opposite to your body type!


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