Features to Look for in wholesale School Bags

  • Oasis_bags
  • November 24, 2015

School bags or backpacks are still very much around, and make very profitable sales. If you have opened up a school accessories store, you have made the right decision – considering the fact that school supplies are enjoying good sales even in this recession. Parents keep looking for the best backpacks for their school going kids, and you need to look for the following features in the wholesale backpacks that you buy in order to ensure that your customers are satisfied with purchases from your store.

Thick padding

Check whether the backpacks have enough padding, so that there is maximum comfort for users. Remember the days when you had to suffer due to weighty school bags chafing your skin, leading to red and sore shoulders. Some of these come with just a thin layer of padding, which is insufficient for little kids and do nothing to ease pressure. Well-padded bags can relieve pressure from the shoulders and offer comfort all the while they are being carried.

Adjustable straps

Many school bags come with fixed straps, which cannot be adjusted according to the height and preferences of children. This causes a lot of difficulties while the bags are being carried around. Make sure that the bags that you buy come with adjustable, as well as padded straps which can keep the shoulder protected well enough.

Protective sleeves

Also make sure that the school bags wholesale that you plan to buy come equipped with protective sleeves, which can keep devices such as notebooks or tablets protected while taking them to school. Accidental slipping or dropping of the bags can cause damage to the fragile screens and chips of these sensitive devices. With protective sleeves, all important devices can be kept safe.

Security features

These days, many schools permit carrying laptops and other digital devices such as tablets and notebooks to campuses. The fear of theft is always prevalent, especially when expensive devices such as these are concerned. Look for bags which come with locks and security zippers, which cannot be opened easily by non-owners.

Additional accessories

It is also important to ensure that the bags that you buy have enough additional space needed to carry accessories such as pens, USB mouse, laptop charger etc to schools. Some of these bags come with small compartments to slip school ID cards, locker keys and other essential items into and prevent them from falling out while walking.

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