Exploring The Wholesale Sleeping Bags Market And Its Various Options

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  • September 9, 2015

Sleeping bag market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.84% during the period of 2014-2019. This imply several things.

People are changing. And so are their preferences and the ideas of a good lifestyle. Today they are opting for more adventurous activities, which include backpacking and camping in the wilderness of Alaska or on the estranged beaches of Thailand. This arise the need for good wholesale sleeping bags, which should be equally comfortable and efficient in fighting the rough weather condition.

But stop! Before you fly to any manufacturer and order your own stock, it is good to know a few more things about the market and the sleeping bags itself.

Backpacking and camping

Although made for the same purpose- providing a comfortable sleep to its users, sleeping bags differ for backpacking and camping purpose.

Backpack sleeping bag- these bags are much lighter comparatively. This allows the backpackers to cover their long distances of uneven paths with ease. They are mostly made up of natural down fill. One biggest drawback is that they are not very efficient in moist conditions.

Camping sleeping bags These bags are made up of synthetic fill, which includes materials like nylon and polyester. They are a tad heavier, so it is very inconvenient to carry them. Hence they are very popular among the campers. Plus, they absorb less water and maintain good temperature within, which is their one important feature.

Different size

With different human size, comes in the need of different size sleeping bags. Top manufacturers are offering wholesale sleeping bags in various sizes.

Mummy bags- Perhaps the most popular one, these bags are made keeping in mind the different purpose it could be used for- backpacking and camping. They have narrow shoulder and wide hip.

Rectangular bag These bags are very spacious, allowing free and easy movement to your feet and body overall.

Barrel-shaped bag These bags are semi-rectangular in shape. They are very efficient in keeping you warm.

Other essential

Along with wholesale sleeping bags, manufacturers also producing another essential- wholesale cooler bags. These beverage coolers, with their insulation features, keep your foods much more fresh and eatable.

So now that you have a little information of sleeping bags, you can race to the bag manufacturer and order your own inventory.

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