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  • February 3, 2022

The art of wrapping is sacred, it requires skill and patience. But in contemporary times it is impossible to spend hours wrapping Christmas gifts! Most of the people have work till the 24th. So, to take away the hassle and keep the spirits of the festivities intact, there is no better alternative than gift bags. Most of the gift bag manufacturers have this in mind that one of the important reasons why plastic wrapping is becoming obsolete is because it harms nature. Therefore, the usage of environmentally friendly materials strengthens the reasons for using gift bags. So, the manufacture of gift bags have started ticking towards the sky!

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What Materials are Used to Make Gift Bags?

  1. Cotton – Cotton pouches are one of the best ideas to gift intricate and exquisite items. They come in various prints starting from traditional to modern.
  2. Paper- These can be made of kraft paper or handmade paper. They come in various sizes and with different handles as well. They can be customized to suit the occasion and are super pocket-friendly.
  3. Fabric – Fabric bags are reusable, durable and quite strong. Heavier gifts can be accommodated in them, and can be used to preserve precious items as well.
  4. Canvas – Just like the fabric ones, canvas bags are reusable. They come with pretty nice designs as well.
  5. Organza – If you want the luster to complement the magnificent piece of gift that you are planning to surprise your beloved with, then you must choose this material. They are made in pouches and have lesser capacity.
  6. Lace – Just like the organza, lace is also made in small pouches. They carry the idea of holding very subtle and precious gifts.
  7. Jute – As durable and hardy as they look, the jute gift bags are a very eco-friendly yet a very aesthetic option to go for. You can find them in various sizes and styles, but nonetheless, they are as important as the gift inside them.
  8. Linen – They come in impressive styles and designs that are sure to make the person receiving the gift blush with happiness!
  9. Velvet – As sophisticated and magnificent as they look, velvet bags make for one of the most elegant choices.
  10. Silk – This is the most expensive and the most sophisticated of the bags. They are meant to be used in very special occasions and of course, are meant to be preserved.

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What are the Types of Gift Bags?

  1. Pouch – Pouches make for smaller and lighter gifts. They can be made of cotton, canvas, fabric, linen, jute, and silk.
  2. Tote – These can be made from fabric, cotton, jute, and canvas. They have a larger capacity than pouches, so they can hold heavier stuff..
  3. Wine bags – As the name suggests, wine bags are meant to gift wines. Therefore, they are made from high-quality material, be it velvet bags, paper bags or silk bags.
  4. Party bags – They are medium sized bags that have a larger capacity than tote, so they can carry a number of gifts altogether. But if you are gifting something of a bigger size, then why not?
  5. Merchandise bags – They are specifically used to gift merchandise, and are hence quite spacious and large.

Why do you Need Them?

You need them…

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  1. To bring out your personality – Gift bags are a pure reflection of your taste and personality. Your choice of design and material of the bag says a lot about you and often, your relationship with the person.
  2. To complement the gifts – This is needless to say that you will not choose a pouch to gift a book, or a party bag to gift a pair of earrings. So yes, the gift bag must complement the gift.
  3. To get rid of the hassle – It eliminates the task of wrapping a gift, but it also shadows the art of wrapping.
  4. To be friendly to the environment – Instead of wrapping gifts with plastic, it is better to use eco-friendly materials. Plastic was never a good choice for gifts anyway.

It is given that the benefits of using gift bags are many and that you can find a huge range of options to choose from. But what you require is the right judgment of what gift bag to use. So, be wise and go with your guts! You can have one of the best gift bag suppliers with a magnificent range of collections at your service, if only you choose so. Place your bulk order now and grab amazing deals!

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