Essential Bags For a Woman’s Wardrobe

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  • August 24, 2018

A bag is a woman’s armor that she carries everyday to conquer the world. It not only symbolizes her personality but also the kind of lifestyle she swears by. Most importantly a bag’s primary purpose is the utility factor and then comes the aspect of fashion. There are diverse ranges of bags that serve definite purposes and should be part of a woman’s life as well.

The Wallet

The most important bag that can be owned by a woman is a wallet. It carries all her hard-earned money and cards that she needs to fulfil her wishes, with. It can be small or big, plain or patterned but is a staple accessory. Leather is the most preferred material when it comes to a wallet, but other materials are also gaining the limelight.

The Tote bag

The basic tote bag screams utility and comfort. It is available in variety of sizes and patterns and the best part is its versatility. You can use a tote bag for grocery shopping to a movie night out and a date as well. It is definitely functional but also fashionable. These are spacious and ideal to carry a lot of things.

The Sling bag

The sling bag does not keep the hands preoccupied and are also light in weight. It also comes in a range of styles and can be used by a teenage girl or any gorgeous woman and age is no bar here! It goes well with casual jeans and top to an elegant maxi dress.

The backpack

Backpacks are not made only for globetrotters. In fact, these are available in variety of styles and sizes with several compartments. Ideal for ladies who are always on the move and want to be hassle-free.

The Cosmetic Bag

This is the underrated of all bags and should be carried by every woman. A special bag to keep all the cosmetics is not only helpful in organizing but also deters any product leaks which would otherwise damage the other belongings in the bag.

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